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The company taking efforts to enter other business areas such as real estate, finance, logistics, and agriculture,
resource so as to realize the cross-region integration and development.

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[Traditional Sales Mode]
Guoqiang takes charge of supplying goods for dealers, as well as price difference and rebates.
Dealers develop promotion activities, and provide terminal users with products and services.
Terminal users are only related to dealers.
[Sales Essence]
We take dealers as customers in a buyer-seller relationship, and lack the cooperation mode of focusing on terminal users. Customer loyalty is maintained by dealer loyalty, we only support dealers with price difference and rebates.
[Sales Mode of Strategic Cooperation]
We assist dealers in developing and maintaining customer relations.
[Provide Support for Dealers]
We are responsible for production, supply of products, logistics and all supports that help dealers to sell and develop business.
Even terminal users directly face dealers, value-added services they enjoyed such as after-sales service and store management are provided by us.
[Essence of Strategic Cooperation]
We take dealers as our partners, and the both parties will be oriented to terminal users together. Dealers will provide services for customers directly, we will provide full support for dealers in terms of expansion and customer services on the side of dealers, to allow the dealers to benefit from cost saving and customer satisfaction instead of only from price difference and rebates, in this way the both parties form the customer-centered strategic alliance.
The purpose of attracting investment by chains and building strategic partners is to achieve reciprocity with dealers.
Dealers are impetus for Guoqiang and Guoqiang brand to continuously move forwards, only dealers’ benefits are guaranteed, and sales volume is increased unceasingly, Guoqiang can develop bigger and better. It is certainly that strong strength of Guoqiang will bring dealers more powerful supports.
Guoqiang people view dealers as brothers, and believe that it is the fate for them to meet and acquaint each other in Guoqiang. What connects us is not only a copy of cooperation agreement, but our trust on Jiangsu Guoqiang Industrial Co., Ltd. and common ideal that builds Guoqiang into the first brand of mass customization.
We are always grateful for dealers. We appreciate their trust and cherish their choice, will consistently establish and perfect our operation, support and supervision system and give them all-around services.
We are looking forward to mutual understanding and trust with all dealers, and finally form a stable and long-term strategic alliance, and pursue significant benefits and long-term development.