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Why use galvanized railings? What are the advantages of galvanized guardrail?


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Why use galvanized railings? What are the advantages of galvanized guardrail?

Highway News
2020/04/02 17:06
    Why use galvanized guardrails ? What are the advantages of galvanized guardrail? Existing manufacturers of galvanized guardrails are usually solid concrete structures. They are placed in the middle of the road and used as traffic barriers and anti-collision guardrails on the side of the road. They have good anti-collision functions, but they have an unattractive appearance and are equipped with Glare, anti-glare panel will give the driver a sense of depression.
    Another protective fence is to install a green water tank above the concrete fence. Although it has a green function, the entire barrier is too high, which will also put pressure on the driver, and the green tank is restricted. Plants need to be watered frequently, and maintenance costs are high. The road may pollute the road.
    Therefore, according to the needs of the existing market, after long-term research, Lin Ding's anti-collision guardrails can provide green functions, anti-dizziness, non-pressurized road centers and roadside anti-collision guardrails.  The utility model is characterized by a guardrail structure. The middle is hollow and the top is open. There is a hole at the bottom of the guardrail.
    The hollow part of the wall is filled with soil, which is very large. Plants can be planted inside. Because part of the fence must be buried underground, it can be exposed to the soil at the bottom of the fence. It keeps the moisture in the soil in the guardrail, and it does not pollute the road when watered and placed on the road. The center acts as a dividing line between vehicles and has an anti-collision function, which also prevents glare from plants. Due to its medium height, it does not put any pressure on the driver.
      The hollow part of the crash barrier is filled with a lot of soil. Plants can be planted inside. Since a part of the guardrail must be buried underground, the bottom of the guardrail can be exposed to the soil, so that the soil moisture in the guardrail can be maintained and will not be watered. Contaminated road. It is placed in the middle of the road as a traffic separation line. It has anti-collision function to prevent plant dizziness. Due to its moderate height, it does not stress the driver.
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