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The broad environment, large demands and large market are the solid foundation for dealers to gain more wealth.
Galvanizing - Best Partner of Steel
According to statistics, the amount of metal materials which are scrapped because of corrosion is about 1/2 of annual output of metal in world. Even two third of corroded metal materials can be recycled, about 10% of annual output of metal lost every year, the losses caused by corrosion every year is unimaginable, including energy consumed in the metal smelting process. As far as our country’s actual situation, in order to save steel materials and ensure normal national economy and production and living of people, to solve the corrosion problem of steel materials not only conforms to our country’s sustainable development strategy, but also is the requirement of strengthening energy saving and emission reduction work and constructing a resource-saving and environment-friendly society.
Eye on “12th Five-Year Plan”, Seize Chance, and Grab Fortune
With sustainable and faster development of national economy and increasing living standard of people, China’s domestic demands on galvanized steel increase rapidly. Especially China has started the “12th Five-year Plan” now, and this period is important to strategic opportunities of our country’s economic and social development. Experts estimated that overall market capacity of galvanized products reaches RMB 405.5 billion in the period of the “12th Five-year”. All constructions develop dramatically, which provide a large stage for development of galvanized products for public use and civil use, and the consumption tendency of products related to galvanization will be very optimistic on the whole.
To be far-sighted, the hardworking and enterprising Guoqiang people will grasp the policy on “industry and civil use” in the period of the “12th Five-year”, make innovation and create new high relying on ten years of efforts and experience and distinctive enterprise culture and management advantages.
To lead ahead only by go ahead, Guoqiang now sincerely welcomes people of vision to develop hand in hand and lead the galvanizing industry!