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The company taking efforts to enter other business areas such as real estate, finance, logistics, and agriculture,
resource so as to realize the cross-region integration and development.

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Cluster new energies, lead the New Normal, and compose a new chapter

Dear friends from all circles of life and dear staff,

A new year ushers in new hopes. A new beginning carries new dreams. At this exciting moment, all our staff, cherishing dreams and the common pursuit of life, farewell to the old year and embrace the New Year! I would like to, on behalf of the company, extend our festive greetings and sincere, heartfelt thanks to all our staff fighting on the frontline and their families, and to friends from all walks of life who have been caring about and supporting the development of our company! I wish you a Happy New Year, happiness and health!

The year of 2015 witnessed the joint efforts of all Guoqiang people, which is a year we are proud of. Under the guidance of the company's overall strategic plan, we implemented the management mode of partial division, integration, and perfection of marketing and production departments. The equity reform of the Security Division has sown primary effectiveness; we have broken the conventional thinking, to seek cooperation, and have implemented further optimization and integration of online and offline logistics, opening up a trail of intelligent logistics management; we blaze new trails, and expand the channels, having set up the new product development business centered on the solar stent business, which has achieved remarkable results; we emphasize comprehensive planning, and solid progress; the general material, high iron, zinc and other business sectors also carried out joint development, where the business performances continue to rise, having achieved ideal profits; at the same time, we have also made certain achievements in terms of organization, personnel optimization, integration of resources, and internal management.

2015 is the closing year of the state’s “12th Five-Year Plan”. We should summarize the experience and lessons learned in this year;

2016 is the first year of the state’s "Thirteen Five-Year Plan”, in which we have dreams, opportunities and hard work; all Guoqiang people should have one mind and one soul, be united as one, fight a good fight of start, compose well the initial painting, and create a new outlook in the development of the company!

Finally, let us wish that Guoqiang Group will develop to a higher level in 2016, and usher in a better tomorrow! I wish friends from all walks of life who have been caring about and supporting us and all the staff of Guoqiang health, success and happiness in the coming Year of the Monkey!