Jiangsu Guoqiang Recruitment in December


Due to the company's development needs, now need to recruit the following positions staff:

1, a number of general workers

Requirements: hard-working, adapt to 12 hours two shifts

2、Salesman, business field several

Requirements: college degree or above, able to travel, can drive

3、A number of car mechanic (apprentice)

Requirements: female, with relevant experience and driving licence is preferred, no experience can be trained;

4、Door finance 1

Requirements: college degree or above, can travel, accounting certificate is preferred;

5、Measurement clerk 2

Requirements: female, married with children, obey the leadership arrangements;

6、Transport company finance

Requirements: college degree, relevant transport company experience is preferred

7、Payable accountant

Requirements: female, college degree, with relevant financial accounting experience is preferred

8、Duty electrician 1

Requirements: male, skilled workers preferred, power distribution duty and air compressor patrol;

9、1 inspector

Requirements: college degree or above, science and engineering, with non-destructive testing certificate is preferred;

10、Engineering accountant 1

Requirements: male, junior college or above, accounting major, able to long-term travelling

11、Purchaser 3

Requirements: male, familiar with the procurement process, relevant experience is preferred

12、Scheduler 1

Requirements: college or above, knowledge of logistics

13、Receiving and shipping staff 16

Requirements: male, high school education

Interested parties please bring your ID card to Shangxing Laohekou office building on the first floor of the Human Resources Department to register, or call the registration hotline: 0519-87735228/ 13813522869

Jiangsu Guoqiang look forward to your joining!