November Recruitment Briefing



Due to the company's development needs, now need to recruit the following personnel:

1、Several operators

Can bear hardships and stand hard work, adapt to 12 hours two shifts.

2、Business reserve or salesman a number of

College degree or above, able to adapt to long-term business trips, good communication and sociability, a driver's licence will drive is preferred.

3、Measurement clerk 2

Female, junior high school or above, can adapt to the 12-hour two-shift system

4、Finished product warehouse loader and unloader

Male, under 50 years old, able to bear hardships and stand hard work, able to adapt to 12 hours two-shift system.

5、A number of truck driver (empty operation)

Have more than 2 years of driving experience, driving licence is preferred.

6、Instrumentation worker

Female, age 25-40, junior high school or above, naked eyesight 1.2 or above, able to adapt to 12 hours of two shifts.

7、 Mechanic

Have experience in vehicle repair

8、 Weighbridge operator

High school education, female married with children is preferred, can adapt to the 12-hour two-shift system, will be able to Excel table.


College degree or above, married with children, skilled operation of office software.

10、Equipment inspection

Mechanical, electrical college degree or above, with equipment routine maintenance and management experience for more than 2 years.

11、Thermal Engineer

College degree or above in engineering

12、Software Engineer

College degree or above, with relevant working experience

13、Billing clerk

Female, above high school, married with children, preferably in Shangxing or surrounding area.

14、Market Finance

College degree or above, finance major is preferred; accounting qualification is preferred

15、Engineering Accounting

Male, junior college or above, majoring in accounting, able to travel for a long time.

16、Mould worker

Can be familiar with drawings, understanding of the composition of the mould, assembly production, maintenance, product stamping moulds

17、Duty electrician

Male, 25-40 years old, high school or above, skilled worker is preferred.