Jiangsu Guoqiang Recruitment Requirements in October


Recruitment Progress List for October
serial number Requesting Department Application time Apply for a position quorum Job Requirements Number of interviews Number of persons on board

Number of persons to be recruited

Headquarters Recruitment
1 New Energy Division 1 July 2016 Operational Field Service 10 College degree or above, responsible, able to adapt to long-term business trips, good communication skills, with a driver's licence will drive preferred 8 4 6
2 Guoqiang Galvanising Division 1 June 2016 salesman 15 High school diploma or above, have a driver's licence, can drive, Shangxing surrounding areas are preferred, obey the leadership of the work arrangements 11 9 6
3 Manufacturing Centre 11th July 2016 general labour a certain number or amount Able to bear hardships and stand hard work, adapt to 12 hours two shifts, men are preferred.      
4 quality department 11th July 2016 inspects 6 High school education or above, obey the leadership work arrangement, have certain quality inspection basis 12 5 1
5 Manufacturing Centre 2nd August 2016 Production Support Specialist 2 Male, bachelor degree, under 30 years old, able to bear hardships and stand hard work, good physical quality, obey the leadership arrangement, willing to work overtime 1 1 1
6     reserve cadre a certain number or amount Male, Bachelor degree or above      
7 Equipment Department   Mechanical designers 1 Proficient in the use of CAD drawing 3 1 0
8 Production workshop 12-Jul-2016 moulder 1 Can be familiar with drawings, understanding of the composition of the mould, assembly production, maintenance, product stamping forming mould, Whitehorse Branch Factory 2 1 1
9 battery compartment 1 October 2016 Weighbridge Operator, Billing Operator, Settlement Operator 5 Can bear hardships and stand hard work, adapt to 12-hour night shift, female, secondary school or above, married with children is preferred. 4 4 1
10 Examination Department   statisticians 1 College or above, female married with children, skilled computer operation 3 1 0
11 Traffic Safety Division 7th October 2016 Engineering Accounting 1 Male, junior college or above, majoring in accounting, able to travel for a long time, familiar with the cost of construction enterprises to do the bookkeeping 0 0 1