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Jiangsu Guoqiang Galvanized Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998, focusing on traffic safety, photovoltaic new energy and intelligent equipment and other areas of product development and manufacturing, to provide all kinds of highway safety protection facilities, photovoltaic brackets, railroad sound barriers, intelligent integrated crawler, coiled steel pipe bracket, etc., the marketing network covers the whole country, and with the U.S., Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia and other internationally renowned merchants to establish a long-term business The company covers an area of 1,300 acres.


The company covers an area of 1,300 acres, with more than 7,000 employees, total assets of nearly 10 billion yuan, and an annual comprehensive production capacity of 5 million tons, and it is an important manufacturer of highway safety facilities in China, and an important photovoltaic bracket manufacturer in the global photovoltaic industry. 2022, the company once again ranked 380th on the list of the "Top 500 Private Enterprises in China", which is higher than the previous year. In 2022, the company was honored to be listed in the list of "Top 500 Chinese Private Enterprises" again.


Jiangsu Guoqiang adheres to the corporate vision of "making steel more vitality", centers on the development concept of "being refined, specialized and strong", actively responds to the national "dual-carbon" strategy, and comprehensively promotes the application and promotion of lightweight steel products. The company has cooperated with Southeast University, South China University of Technology, and the Chinese University of Science and Technology. The company has cooperated with Southeast University, South China University of Technology, Baowu Iron and Steel Central Research Institute and other scientific research institutes to carry out industry-university-research cooperation, and promote the high-quality development of the enterprise with the empowerment of innovation. The high-strength steel guardrail products independently developed and manufactured by the company, such as ETC gantry protection and bridge protection, have filled the gaps of similar products protection in China and have been widely used. Participated in the formulation of GBT31439.1-2015 Corrugated Beam Steel Guardrail Part 1, Two Corrugated Beam Steel Guardrail, GBT31439.2-2015 Corrugated Beam Steel Guardrail Part 2: Three Corrugated Beam Steel Guardrail, and took the lead in the preparation of the "High-strength Steel Lightweight Corrugated Beam Guardrail" (T/CCTAS16-2020) group standard, which provides a number of technical support for the development of national standards. It has obtained more than 130 national invention and utility model patents.


Jiangsu Guoqiang takes "prospering and enriching the people and strengthening the country" as its mission, adheres to the people-oriented principle, is enthusiastic about public welfare, and actively creates a harmonious internal and external development space. Now it is one of the "Top 500 Private Enterprises in China", "Top 100 Transportation Enterprises in China", "Contract-abiding and Trustworthy Enterprise", "E-commerce Model Enterprise of Jiangsu Province", "E-commerce Model Enterprise of Jiangsu Province", "E-commerce Model Enterprise of Jiangsu Province". E-commerce Demonstration Enterprise", "Changzhou Five-star Enterprise", "Changzhou Tax Paying and Sales Contributing Enterprise", "AAA Grade Credit Enterprise". The company's products have been awarded as "China's Famous Brand of Transportation Products" and "Top List of Global PV Racking Enterprises" for consecutive years.


Chairman's Message

All members of the community and all employees:

Just crossed the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up of the brilliant, we ushered in the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of China, in this special moment, on behalf of Jiangsu Guoqiang to support the development of the company at all levels of leadership, friends from all walks of life, colleagues to express my heartfelt thanks and most cordial greetings!

Over the past 21 years, Jiangsu Guoqiang has taken advantage of the situation and grasped the opportunities, insisted on grasping China's development momentum, actively built a resource sharing platform, continuously reformed and innovated in the field of the whole industrial chain of steel, and synergistically developed in the fields of new energy, intelligent logistics, ecotourism, etc., realizing the situation of resource integration and win-win cooperation, and becoming a leading enterprise in the industry with both economic benefits and social value.

2019 is a key year for the country to build a moderately prosperous society in all aspects, and it is also a key year for the development of Jiangsu Guoqiang. We will closely focus on the development core of "two new and one high", and strive to become the most trusted intelligent manufacturing enterprise in China by combing with the wind and the rain and marching forward.

Finally, I sincerely wish you all a smooth work! Good health! Happy family!

Jiangsu Guoqiang Group Chairman Yuan Guoqiang

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Bringing steel to life

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Prosperity and wealth for the people, refinement and strength for the country

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