Reasons why waveform guardrail plates must be installed on every motorway

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The reasons for installing waveform guardrail plate on the highway are as follows:

1. waveform guardrail plate installed in the middle of the road, when the vehicle is out of control can effectively prevent the loss of control of the vehicle to run to the opposite lane to occur secondary collision

2. waveform guardrail plate is a semi-steel protective facilities, toughness is very good, when the vehicle impact, you can carry out the rounded country, forcing the vehicle to drive back to the normal line.

3. can slow down the impact to the driver brought about by the injury, the national standard guardrail plate toughness, not easy to break, when impacted, can be deformed through the waveform guardrail plate forcing the vehicle to stop, the buffer force is very good, to reduce the accidents caused by the Weihai

4. waveform guardrail plate also has a non-negligible advantage, can let the driver see the road edge line, and guardrail plate at night is also very good, in the light of the illumination so that drivers are very easy to identify the direction of the road.

The above is the central road waveform guardrail plate, highway guardrail plate on both sides of the protective role is also very important, in the rain, snow and other natural environment is relatively poor conditions, waveform guardrail plate can also be a good reminder of the correct exercise of the driver. Greatly improve the exercise of bad light conditions line of sight!