Highway guardrail plate damage repair process Jiangsu Guoqiang high-speed guardrail plate manufacturers

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1, for the crashed waveform guardrail plate, should be taken to replace the new guardrail plate method of repair value of the waveform guardrail plate can be repaired by professional manufacturers and then use, in order to save maintenance costs.

2, the use of in-situ correction and replacement of new parts for the deformation of the block (i.e., connecting the spacer) maintenance; can be repaired in-situ use does not have to dismantle, the use of jacks, pry bars and other tools for correction; for serious damage to the block should be replaced with new parts.

3, want some isolation net, isolation fence, mostly because of man-made tear shear reason and damage, when the high speed through the village townships will be people want to take a shortcut and from the gap into the high speed, in order to avoid this danger, to strengthen the inspection, found that the damage to make up for the rest in a timely manner.

4, install the template and then pour concrete to treat the concrete foundation damage

(1) to use to ensure the strength of a low ang to mix, pay attention to the column straightness and height, to avoid guardrail plate can not be pressed on;

(2) Installation of guardrail plate.

Note: construction backfill must be compacted to achieve a certain density to ensure the stability of the concrete, columns have a protective effect.