Jiangsu Guoqiang Group Held the Award and Book Sharing Meeting of "New Changshang New Business

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In a man's temperament

Hidden in a man's temperament are the books he has read

The road you've travelled

The people you've loved.


Did you read today?


    In the afternoon of May 22nd, Jiangsu Guoqiang Group held the awarding and reading sharing meeting of "New Business New Business Way", in which the personnel of each business department and centre actively participated in the meeting. On the scene, for the company to carry out the study of the "New Business New Business Way" reading activities in the early stage, selected 15 outstanding works for recognition, we have published their own award-winning speech and reading experience.



      Above, Feng Wei, Senior Vice President of the Group and General Manager of Jiangsu Guodian Division, delivered an acceptance speech and shared his own reading experience. Feng said that we should vigorously carry forward the spirit of the old generation of entrepreneurs of hard work and self-improvement, and at the same time, in conjunction with the current development of the country's situation to reload and set off again, whip the horse on the journey to a more high-spirited, more enthusiastic, not forgetting the original intention, and move forward.




      Afterwards, the honourable guests presented certificates of honour and prizes to the 15 winners of outstanding entries.




       Yuan Jianfeng, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of Jiangsu Guoqiang, presided over the book sharing meeting and shared his reading experience and feelings with everyone.。