Hot blood is born out of love--Jiangsu Guoqiang 1st E-Sports Competition

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 Some time ago at the Jakarta Asian Games, the Chinese team won the League of Legends Asian Games Championship, the People's Daily, CCTV and other mainstream media have reported, from the prejudice of not being favourable to the glory for the country, it seems to let us have a new understanding of e-sports ......


Colourful CaoShan Gaming League


  Recently, the e-sports competition of the Fifteenth Changzhou Municipal Games (Liyang Region) hosted by Changzhou Municipal People's Government was held in CaoShan. Jiangsu Guoqiang team won the fifth place in the team competition of "King of Glory".






      Heavy news!!! In order to enhance the exchange and communication of young workers between different positions of the Group and various divisions, Jiangsu Guoqiang's first e-Sports Competition has been successfully kicked off amidst everyone's great expectations.




Unleash your passion

Fighting side by side, creating honour together

Whether it's a dominant top laner

Or the supporting player who sacrifices his life for the sake of justice

All let us deeply feel

Positive youth power





The wind and the clouds rise again, the king's glory








I'm going to eat chicken.





      From the preliminary round, semi-finals to the final round, the whole process was broadcast live on YY online for everyone to watch, and the contestants went all the way through the five hurdles and six generals, and the following contestants finally emerged from the competition as the winners.







    "There are no runners-up in e-sports only champions, and the hard work behind the glory is equally worthy of respect. Times forward, the form of sports is more diversified, but the pursuit of higher and stronger competitive spirit has never changed."                                                                          ——PRC newspaper