Prosperity to enrich the people with heritage Excellence to strengthen the country for excellence - Jiangsu Guoqiang Annual Event 2019

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There is such a group of people that

They are not afraid of hardship, winter and heat, day and night.

They are conscientious, precise and precise.

They are skilled and pursue excellence.

They are willing to stay behind the scenes, silent and dedicated.


One group of people, one heart, one thing, one life.

Keeping the original intention, building the dream of national strength together.

Moving themselves and influencing others

What a cool thing to do!

Today, every member of Guoqiang is the main character.

Write 21 years of sweaty youth with sincerity and love.


On 21st December 2019, when the old year is over and the new year is approaching, Jiangsu Guoqiang ushered in the 21st anniversary annual event with the theme of "Prospering and enriching the people by inheritance, and pursuing excellence in fine industry and strengthening the country", and the people of Guoqiang gathered together to celebrate the grand event together!

01 The most heartfelt motivation

"Looking back on Jiangsu Guoqiang 21 years of struggle, we have gone through a period of arduous and worthwhile years, in the new market situation, we will be in the "stronger and bigger" on the road to "do speciality and refinement" development. In 2020, we will strive to push Jiangsu Guoqiang to a new historical height, and at the same time, let every employee who works hard for it can explore and realise the value of his life on the platform of the enterprise, and work hard and make his dream come true!

The speech of Mr Yuan Guoqiang, Chairman of Jiangsu Guoqiang, opened the curtain of the party.

02 The coolest show

Employees showed their skills and brought a brilliant performance. Whether it's the dynamic opening dance, the maverick adaptation of the Divine Comedy, or the humorous and amusing comedy sketches, the passionate chorus of songs... The heartfelt preparations and hard rehearsals were finally presented perfectly on the stage.



Twenty-one years in the making.

It has created 5,000 people's "Glorious Years".

And now, "the blooming world", it's another year of spring.

I can't help but sigh, "Shangxing is really a good place.

Whether it's you who's "full of wisdom

Whether it's you who flies free

Walking on the road of life, we are all dreamers.

With the most beautiful expectations

Like happy lovers, we'll meet the romantic cherry blossoms.

May the beauty of the world be intertwined with you.

"2020, Jiangsu Province", "We will not forget our beginnings".





03 The Most Eye-catching Lucky Draw







04 年会合影留念




Yesterday, we were in the same boat against all odds.

Today, we are united and work hand in hand.

Tomorrow, we will continue our work and create new achievements.

We will see you in 2020!