Why use galvanised guardrail plate? What are the advantages of galvanised guardrail plate?

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Why use galvanised guardrail plate? What are the advantages of galvanised guardrail panels? Existing galvanised guardrail manufacturers are usually solid concrete structures, they are placed in the middle of the road to act as a traffic divider and a crash barrier on one side of the road, they have a good crash prevention function but they are not aesthetically pleasing to look at and are fitted with anti-glare panels, the anti-glare panels will give a sense of depression to the driver.

Another protective fence is to install green tanks above the concrete fence, although it has a greening function, the whole barrier is too high which also puts pressure on the driver and the green tanks are restricted, the plants need to be watered frequently, the maintenance cost is high and the road surface may pollute the road.

Therefore, in response to existing market needs and after a long period of research, the Linding Crash Barrier can provide a greening function, anti-glare, non-pressurised road centre and roadside crash barrier. The utility model is characterised by the guardrail structure. The centre is hollow and the upper part is open. There is a hole at the bottom of the guardrail.

The hollow part of the wall is filled with soil, which is large. Plants can be planted in it. Because part of the parapet must be buried in the ground, it can be exposed to the soil at the bottom of the parapet. It keeps the moisture in the soil in the parapet and when watered and placed on the road, it does not pollute the road. The centre acts as a divider between vehicles and is crashworthy, it also prevents glare from plants. Due to its medium height, it does not put any pressure on the driver.

The hollow part of the crash barrier is filled with a lot of soil. Plants can be planted in it. As part of the guardrail has to be buried in the ground, the bottom of the guardrail can be exposed to the soil, which keeps the soil moisture inside the guardrail and does not get watered. Contaminated road surface. It is placed in the middle of the road as a traffic barrier. It is collision resistant and prevents plants from getting dizzy. Due to its moderate height, it will not bring pressure to the driver.

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