Stick to love, spend the New Year in Li, the family is strong in the country.

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The heart is close, the epidemic is far away.


  At the end of last year, the epidemic repeated, for the purpose of epidemic prevention and control and reducing the movement of personnel, the state called for enterprises and institutions of foreign employees, local New Year's Eve. In Jiangsu Guoqiang, through the guidance of the company, more than 500 foreign employees stayed in Liyang to celebrate the New Year.

     Governments at all levels have introduced generous benefits for spending New Year's Eve locally. Among them, Liyang city government opened Tianmu Lake and Nanshan Bamboo Sea scenic spots for the employees staying in the field. On the list of benefits of Jiangsu Guoqiang, in addition to giving cash subsidies to the foreign employees who celebrate the New Year locally, it pays more attention to the spiritual life of the employees and organises various corporate cultural activities for them. Let's take a look below!

Spring Walking Tour

Landscapes can "heal the soul"

While the sun is shining and the breeze is not too dry

Take a spring trip

Enjoy the lakes and mountains

Gourmet food

















Stay for the New Year, the family is strong in the country.

Because of the epidemic

They stand firm for love

Jiangsu Guoqiang endeavours to make its employees feel at home.

The company's management and the left-behind employees wrapped dumplings together and talked about family life.

We have a common home

Home in Guoqiang


The left-behind employees bring their families to spend the New Year in Li, hold on for love, and wait for the spring flowers to bloom.


The company's management spent New Year's Eve with the employees who stayed behind.


Feng Wei, Vice President, thanked the staff for sacrificing their lives for the sake of the family, and paid New Year's greetings to the staff and their families.


The Dumpling Competition begins. It's all about New Year's flavour and fun!


They're all great cooks.



The management of the company awarded prizes to the first, second and third prize winning dumpling makers.