National Strength organised the first batch of employees to receive the New Crown vaccine.

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      At present, the new crown epidemic is still in the global epidemic, no one can be alone, vaccination is the most effective means of prevention and control of the new crown epidemic. Thus, in order to accelerate the vaccination work of the new crown virus, Jiang Guoqiang actively responded to the government's call, and on 26 March, the leadership took the lead, and the first batch of 400 employees came to the centralised service vaccination point of the new crown vaccine in Shangxing Hospital to receive vaccination.

       At the vaccination site, under the guidance of medical staff, everyone lined up in an orderly manner to present identification materials, register relevant identity information, accept the enquiry of medical staff, understand the precautions for vaccination and sign the Informed Consent for New Inactivated Coronavirus Vaccination.

Vaccination site

       After making the relevant preparations, the medical staff inoculated the new coronavirus vaccine and stayed for 30 minutes as required.


        During the vaccination process, vaccinees should pay attention to and co-operate with the following matters:


Before vaccination, you should know in advance about the new crown disease, the new crown vaccine-related knowledge and the vaccination process.

       When vaccination, you need to bring your ID card, and do a good job of personal protection, cooperate with on-site vaccination staff enquiries, truthfully provide my health status and contraindications to vaccination and other information.

       After vaccination, you need to stay on-site observation for 30 minutes; keep the local skin of the vaccination clean, avoid scratching the vaccination site; if there is a suspected adverse reaction caused by the vaccine, report to the vaccination unit, and if necessary, seek medical attention in a timely manner. Avoid contact with known allergens and common allergens within one week after vaccination, try not to drink alcohol, do not eat spicy and stimulating or seafood food, suggest a light diet, drink more water, and rest appropriately.

       Do you also have many questions about the new coronavirus vaccine? The questions that you are particularly concerned about, I have also sorted out for you, let's take a look!

       1. What vaccine is used in Changzhou for this vaccination?

      At present, the city is using the inactivated vaccine of the new coronavirus. The inactivated vaccine is a vaccine prepared by chemically inactivating the new coronavirus to make it lose its infectivity and replicability, while retaining the activity that can cause an immune response in humans. The advantage of inactivated vaccine is that it is a traditional and classic way of vaccine preparation, which is a mature, reliable and classic means of vaccine research and development. The R&D platform is mature, the production process is stable, the quality standard is controllable, the protection effect is good, the R&D speed is fast, and it is easy to produce on a large scale, and it has the internationally accepted safety and efficacy judgement standard.

      At present, other R & D technology route of the new crown of the vaccine is being marketed one after another, the subsequent vaccination products will be adjusted in a timely manner according to the vaccine market situation.

     2. How many shots for the new crown vaccination? How many injections should be given?

      The current recommended primary immunisation schedule for the inactivated New Coronavirus vaccine is 2 injections, with an interval of at least 14 days, at the deltoid muscle of the upper arm. The vaccination schedule and sites vary among vaccine products, and should be based on the vaccine product's instructions. Arbitrary adjustment of the immunisation schedule may affect the safety, effectiveness of the immune response and durability of the immunisation.

      3. What are the conditions under which vaccination should be withheld?

      At this stage, it is recommended to withhold vaccination with New Crown Vaccine in the following cases:

(1) People who are allergic to any component of the vaccine;

(2) Previous severe allergic reactions to vaccination (e.g. acute allergic reaction, angioneurotic oedema, respiratory distress, etc.);

(3) Those suffering from acute diseases, severe chronic diseases, acute onset of chronic diseases and fever;

(4) Pregnant and lactating women;

(5) Those suffering from uncontrolled epilepsy and other progressive neurological diseases, and those with a history of Guillain-Barre syndrome;

The details are subject to the vaccine insert.

       4. Can chronic diseases such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia and hyperglycaemia, chronic gastritis be vaccinated with XKV vaccine?

       If the chronic diseases are under stable control through treatment, such as stable control of blood glucose, blood pressure, blood lipid indicators, and chronic gastritis in the non-episodic period, it can be vaccinated; if the relevant indicators are unstable or in the acute episodic period, it is recommended that the vaccination be postponed.

       5. Is the new crown vaccination safe and effective?

       The new inactivated coronavirus vaccines of Beijing Biological Products Research Institute of China Biological, Beijing Kexing Zhongwei Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Biological Products Research Institute of China Biological were conditionally approved for marketing on 30th December 2020, 5th February 2021 and 25th February 2021 respectively. The recombinant novel coronavirus vaccine (adenovirus vector type 5) of Kangxinuo Bio was approved for marketing on 25 February 2021 with conditions. The safety and efficacy of the above vaccines have been verified in accordance with the procedures.

        6. How long does it take to develop antibodies after receiving the inactivated novel coronavirus vaccine?

        According to the available clinical research data, the second dose of inactivated vaccine can produce good immunity effect in the vaccinated population after about two weeks.

       7. How long does the protection effect of the vaccine last?

        The New Crown vaccine is a newly developed vaccine that has been put into use. Continuous monitoring and related studies after mass vaccination are needed to accumulate more scientific evidence to assess the durability of protection of the New Crown vaccine. Immunological durability is still under continuous observation. Based on the results of the current study, no catch-up vaccination is required for the time being after completion of the full course of vaccination.

        8. Is the vaccine effective against virus variants or strains from other countries?

        From the global monitoring of neo-crown virus mutation, there is no evidence that virus mutation renders the existing neo-crown vaccine ineffective. However, the World Health Organisation (WHO), national research institutes and vaccine manufacturers are paying close attention to the mutation of the new coronavirus and are conducting relevant research, which will provide early warning and scientific analysis for the development and application of subsequent vaccines.

       9. How does the vaccine work in the human body?

       After vaccination, the human body produces protective antibodies, and some vaccines also cause the body to develop cellular immunity, forming the corresponding immune memory. The body then has immunity against the disease. Once a new coronavirus invades the body, the antibodies produced by the vaccine and the cytokines released by cellular immunity will be able to recognise, neutralise or kill the virus, and the immune memory will quickly mobilise the immune system to prevent the virus from proliferating in the body, thus achieving the goal of preventing the disease.

      10. Do I still need to do nucleic acid test after vaccination? Can the vaccination certificate replace the nucleic acid test report?

       Vaccination can reduce the risk of infection to a certain extent, but the protective effect of any vaccine cannot reach 100%, if necessary, should still cooperate with the relevant departments for nucleic acid testing.


   11. Can breastfeeding and pregnant women receive the vaccine?

       According to the results of previous studies, if infected with New Crown during pregnancy, the proportion of severe disease and the rate of death are higher compared with other groups, so the vaccine should be given. However, data from systematic studies on the use of the vaccine in breastfeeding and pregnant women are still relatively scarce. In general, as a new vaccine, we do not recommend vaccination for lactating and pregnant women from a prudent point of view. However, it is possible that the temporary contraindication may change at a later stage as research data continue to accumulate. If you are not aware that you are pregnant and have received the New Crown Vaccine, no special medical measures, including termination of pregnancy, are recommended at this time as a result of the New Crown Vaccine. However, we recommend follow-up and regular check-ups during the later stages of pregnancy.

      12. What is the reason for feeling dizzy, chest tightness and shortness of breath after vaccination?

       This may be a cardiac reaction. Psychogenic reaction refers to the reaction that occurs after vaccination due to psychological factors of the vaccinee, which is mainly caused by the psychological pressure and anxiety during vaccination, without organic damage, and has nothing to do with the vaccine. Some of these reactions are like "needle-sickness" and some are like "hysteria". Group psychogenic reactions may occur during group vaccination activities.

       13. How do I pay for the new crown vaccination?

        In accordance with the principle of "informed consent, voluntary and free of charge", the vaccination service is provided free of charge by appointment.

       14. Is there a certificate after vaccination?

       You can get a paper vaccination certificate in English and Chinese after the vaccination. At the same time, you can check your electronic vaccination record by following the public WeChat website or Sukang Code.