Jiangsu Guoqiang to carry out "crime prevention, alarm bells ringing" warning education activities

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On the afternoon of June 1, 2017, Jiangsu Guoqiang (Holding) Group Party Committee and Management Centre organised more than 120 party members and management cadres above the supervisory level to go to Changzhou Prison to carry out a half-day warning education activity with the theme of "crime prevention, warning bells ringing".

During the activity, we visited the bamboo reed reed valve industry casting centre and gold processing centre, chairman Wu Tao introduced the enterprise development history. Afterwards, we watched the warning education film, listened to the Changzhou Prison Discipline Inspection Committee Deputy Secretary, Director of the Supervision Office, Comrade Zhu Shaofeng's "prevention of job-related crime lectures", on the town industrial park leader Yuan Jianfeng on the cultural construction of enterprises and the prevention of occupational crime put forward a pertinent point of view and positive suggestions; finally, the group president Yuan Guoqiang made a concluding speech and put forward the new requirements for the group's honest construction and prevention of occupational crime. President Yuan pointed out that in the current situation, the company's integrity construction is a long way to go, leading cadres at all levels should fully understand the situation, adjust the mentality, cherish the hard-won fruits of labour, cherish their positions, set an example, never touch the system's "high pressure line", the company's integrity construction to carry out persistently. Yuan, president of the last meaningful said: the company today, is the result of our common efforts, entrepreneurship is difficult to defend the business is even more difficult, the cart in the past, the car after the car, we must take this warning activity as an opportunity to be inspired, draw lessons from the vibration caused by the vibration, cherish themselves, cherish their families, and cherish all that we have today. Strengthen learning, improve their ideological awareness and moral cultivation, set up a correct world view, outlook on life, values, down-to-earth work, be clear, and strive to do "learn the law, know the law, abide by the law" of the country's strong people, for the development of the company to make a positive contribution.

Through this activity, we are deeply inspired, deeply touched, more aware of the importance and necessity of integrity construction and prevention of job-related crime, have said that we must bear in mind the mission, learn from the lessons, the alarm bells ringing, to prevent crime, integrity construction better and more effective.