Emancipate the mind, embrace the change, and promote the deep implementation of lean production - Guoqiang Group Liyang Base Lean Production Series Reports

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       Since one month after the launch of the lean production project of Liyang base of Guoqiang Group, it has systematically carried out the work of each module from the fields of workshop planning, layout optimisation, quick changeover, production management standardisation, operation standardisation, TPM, and formed a series of preliminary results. Over the past month, Guoqiang people have faced difficulties and challenges head-on, opened their brains and dedicated their passion to the process of change and innovation for enterprise development, and a number of pioneering models of lean production have emerged.

       In the future, the Group will carry out a series of reports on advanced teams and individuals in lean production, and this issue focuses on advanced individuals in the field of lean production in the production plant.


 Wang Weibin, the director of the production plant, entered Guoqiang Group in 2019, the age of the division is not long compared with many old employees who have been working in Guoqiang for a long time. However, as soon as he entered Guoqiang, he took Guoqiang as his home and took tens of thousands of steps daily to familiarise himself with every employee, every piece of process, and every piece of equipment in the workshop, so as to know the production process well, and he has grown into the backbone of the company's production management.

       Like many people, Wang factory manager contact lean production, also experienced from strange, contact, familiar to embrace the process. Two years ago, the Group's daily output of anti-block was only 170 units, and the product qualification rate was only 50%. In order to reach the Group's profitability level target, the production must be doubled and the qualification rate reached more than 90%, which seems to be difficult to complete, and the production pressure is huge. For this reason, the Group organised and implemented a series of production tapping and put it under the responsibility of Plant Director Wang. With the active support and encouragement of General Manager Zhang Changming, he actively learnt lean production concepts and methods, introduced welding robots, and the final results of the project attack far exceeded the expected goals. This is his first taste of lean production sweetness, later he presided over the implementation of the second phase of the lean transformation of the anti-block, disc buckle pin piece, disc buckle disc and other improvement activities, all achieved better results.

       This lean production project, the overall goal is to improve human efficiency by 30%, in-process inventory down 50%, production costs (excluding raw materials) down 10%, the success of this goal, for the development of Guoqiang has a significant and far-reaching impact. In many people's view this is almost impossible to accomplish the task.


In front of pressure and challenges, factory director Wang, together with many leaders and colleagues, chose to embrace change and innovation. Against the background of heavy production tasks in the coil buckle workshop, he actively took effective measures to prioritise the time to participate in lean production training on the premise of guaranteeing normal production, and organised the implementation of lean production modules such as workshop layout optimisation, management standardisation, operation standardisation and 5S improvement in the workshop, together with the project team of the consulting company. After many rounds of communication and discussion with the project team teachers and the Group's internal lean team, a specific plan was formed for the improvement of single-piece flow, workshop layout optimization and one person, two machines, etc. Preliminary calculations show that the plan can not only guarantee the daily output of 800 tonnes of disc fasteners, but also achieve the reduction of the standard production staff of the disc fasteners from 152 to about 92, the reduction of the inventory of the work-in-progress by more than 60%, the reduction of the use of travelling trucks and shovels, and the reduction of production safety, which is a great success. The use of trucks and forklifts will be greatly reduced, the production safety will be greatly improved, the safety accident rate will be greatly reduced, the labour intensity of production workers will be greatly reduced, and the income will be improved compared with that before the technical reform. For the result of management optimisation and future development of the buckling workshop, factory manager Wang and the buckling special team are very confident.

      Lean production project will also meet difficulties in the process of promotion. What do we do when we meet difficulties? "It's not scary to meet difficulties, what's scary is not to report, not to communicate, not to actively think of ways to solve them." This is the answer of factory manager Wang. In the process of promoting the lean production project, the most important and necessary thing is to emancipate the mindset, actively learn advanced production management experience and methods, embrace changes, and be innovative and self-revolutionary, just like Plant Director Wang. Only in this way can the lean production project of Guoqiang Group be successful, and there will be a more solid foundation for the realisation of the Group's strategic objectives such as strategic transformation, development towards high quality, and enhancement of core competitiveness!