Creating a new manufacturing model to promote the Group's high-quality development

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In the afternoon of November 14, the November monthly meeting of Lean Production Project of Liyang Base of Jiangsu Guoqiang Group and the summary meeting of the programme results were held in the training room on the third floor of the Group. Yuan Guoqiang, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Group, Feng Wei, Senior Vice President of the Group, Yuan Lianxi, Vice President of the Group and other leaders were present at the meeting, and Li Xiangchun, Assistant to the President of the Group, presided over the meeting.

The meeting started with a summary report of the project results implemented by each specialised team of the project. During the implementation of the current project, all areas of lean production have achieved remarkable results and good results, the layout of the three major workshops of coil buckles, brackets and climbing frames have been optimised several times, and the production efficiency has been greatly improved; the galvanising team has carried out process balance analysis, opened up bottlenecks, optimised the scheduling sequence, and implemented zinc layer range control; the system of management standards, operation standardisation and process standards has been established; the technical reform work and TPM work have strengthened the foundation; the quality index monitoring, LLC card, quality three applications, inspection mechanism and other work systems have been systematically implemented. The system of management standards, operation standardisation and process standards has been basically established; the foundation of technical reform and TPM work has been strengthened; the work system of quality index monitoring, LLC card, application of quality three stations and inspection mechanism has been systematically optimised; the overall optimisation of logistics routes has shortened the transport distance and greatly improved the logistics efficiency; the work of safety risk source investigation, risk grading management and design of safety operation procedures has been promoted; the cost management and control has been deepened; and the Lean Talent Team has begun to take shape. The lean talent team has begun to take shape.

Subsequently, the implementation of the advanced team work commendation, disc buckle team, Xing Sheng galvanised team, Xing Sheng quality team and management standardization team honoured in this lean production red list. Chairman Yuan Guoqiang awarded the flag for the winning team.

Chairman Yuan Guoqiang highly affirmed the work carried out by Lean Production. The chairman pointed out that lean production has brought a new manufacturing model to the company. He put forward that the current market competition is getting more and more intense, and enterprises must change their behaviours in order to achieve high-quality development. To change the behaviour, it is necessary to change the mind first. Guoqiang managers should not only learn the theoretical knowledge of lean production, but also go out, see more, learn the best practices of excellent enterprises, and enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise; open mind, use new technologies and new methods, such as video standardisation of courseware and other tools to improve management efficiency, and achieve flat management; to further improve the implementation of lean production is not something that happens overnight, all the people of Guoqiang should be deeply cognitive of the their own post quality, self-driven, simple and effective, persistent, and promote the Group's high-quality development.