"Staying in Li for Chinese New Year, Warming the Strangers" - Jiangsu Guoqiang 2022 Special Activity to Welcome Chinese New Year for the Employees Staying in Li

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On the occasion of 2022 Chinese New Year festival, coinciding with the introduction of Liyang city government's preferential policies for Chinese New Year tourism, in order to respond to the government's call, reflect the company's humanistic care, actively do a good job in the prevention and control of normal epidemics, and encourage the foreign staff to stay in Liyang for the Chinese New Year, the company organised the "Dumpling Banquet" and "One-day trip to Tianmu Lake & Nanshan Bamboo Sea" to welcome the Chinese New Year and reunion with the staff, so that staff who are in foreign countries can feel the strong warmth.

Dumpling Feast - Brotherhood

Dumpling feast - a warm family of three

At noon on 29th January, Guoqiang staff canteen prepared a sumptuous dumpling feast with chicken, beef, meatballs and other hard dishes for the employees staying in Li, so that they could eat "New Year's taste". The sumptuous meal made the canteen full of warm and festive atmosphere, which was praised by the staff staying in Li.

bird's paradise

Shanxi provocative gongs and drums

Warm Soup Dumplings

On January 30th, the company organised a trip to Nanshan Bamboo Sea and Tianmu Lake to experience the bird paradise of Nanshan Bamboo Sea, feel the enthusiasm of Shanxi Weifeng gongs and drums, taste a bowl of warm soup dumplings, and send a letter of homesickness, so that the staff staying in Li feel the joy of New Year's Eve and the warmth of "home".