Leaders of Baosteel visited our company on R&D co-operation.

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On 29th June, Mr. Ying Hong, Secretary of Party Committee of Central Research Institute of Baosteel, Mr. Li Zigang, Vice President of Central Research Institute of Baosteel, Mr. Yang Ana, Deputy Director of Hot Rolling Institute of Central Research Institute of Baosteel, Mr. Cai Zheng, Chief Researcher, Mr. Wang Tianzhu, Head of Hot Rolling Department, Mr. Hu Bin, Chairman of Hubei Changxinweiye Energy Construction Co., Ltd. and his entourage, who were working in cooperation of research and development of high-strength guardrail plate, came to our company to carry out a research and held a symposium on deepening cooperation. Deepening cooperation symposium. President Yuan Guoqiang, Senior Vice President Feng Wei, and related management and technical executives of Guoqiang Company had a friendly discussion with the guests in the conference room of Guoqiang Company, and the two sides exchanged views on the current situation and development prospects of domestic and foreign traffic guardrail production and future cooperation. After the meeting, the guests visited the production site of Jiangsu Guoqiang.

Figure 1: Symposium site ▲

Figure 2: Yuan Chong, Deputy Director of the Technology Centre, accompanied the guests to inspect the workshop site.▲