Holding high the flag of integrity to the end!

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Recently, according to the deployment of the company's integrity construction, the audit and supervision office carried out another round of integrity publicity activities, in each branch, the centre held a special meeting on integrity, at the meeting for the analysis and explanation of audit cases, and each supervisor above the leading cadres and important positions of the staff to sign the "Integrity Responsibility Agreement"; Audit and Supervision Office specially produced integrity publicity placards and complaints to inform the sign, and required in each workshop, Departments posted, so that every employee knows the contact information for reporting and reflecting problems, and the integrity of the publicity work into the scope of the assessment. The integrity construction initiatives, so that the company's integrity of the "flag" once again raised high, the integrity of the "fire" once again burned to every corner of the company.

The reason why the company so often on the integrity of the construction of "strong medicine", the fundamental reason is that, in any period of the company's development, corruption and indiscipline phenomenon exist in varying degrees, if not these undesirable phenomena "uprooted", corruption and indiscipline phenomenon is bound to be like "away from the original grass" like "comeback". Therefore, since the work of integrity is a long and arduous struggle, it is necessary to alarm bells ringing, the heavy fist, the string of integrity must be taut at all times, once the slack, will be twice the effort, and even give up.

Not long ago, the Audit and Inspection Office of several reports were investigated, the results are alarming. Although the company's work on the integrity of the three orders, but also introduced a more severe penalty rules, but there are still a few people put integrity regulations in the face of, I do what I do, mind the fluke, touch the "high-voltage line", the use of power to eat, take cards and ask for money, and continue to make the violations of discipline things, in their positions do not seek their own positions, to the company has caused huge economic losses and Negative impact. These people's violations of discipline, of course, with their personal qualities are closely related, more importantly, they have insufficient knowledge of the integrity of the construction, relaxation of the transformation of the world view, expanding their own desire for power, and underestimated the company's determination to severely punish the phenomenon of corruption and indiscipline, and ultimately will end up in the sad end of the defeat of the name and fame.

In the process of audit and supervision, we found that most of the problems occur in the leading cadres, a few leading cadres are not on the integrity of the regulations do not hear, but precisely know, the reason why they still know, because they know, because they are lucky in the monster, they think, my land I'm in charge of, the sky knows, you know, you know that I know, as long as you do not say, it will not be exposed, but they have ignored a fact! But they have ignored the fact that "if you want people do not know, unless they do not do", although in a period of time, their problems are not exposed, they will be complacent, self-righteous, but it is only a matter of time, the net of heaven is wide open, but not leakage, the fox will eventually reveal its tail, and once it is found out, often too late to regret.

There is also a phenomenon that some leading cadres feel that they have enough power to set up their own mountain, occupy the mountain as the king, they do not know the sky and the sky, blindly exercising their power, rough management, can not listen to the subordinates of the different views, in my jurisdiction "territory", I am the boss, I want to do what it is how, whoever disobeyed, will give you the "small shoes". "Small shoes" to wear, on the suppression of you, and even drive you out of the department (workshop). In addition, a part of the relatives and subordinates, the formation of their own small groups, small circles of influence, and even retaliation against other people to be sidelined. This is a kind of complete indulgence in their own, so that the power to expand the specific performance, they do not really "power in the cage", not shoulder as a leading cadres should bear the responsibility and obligation, not in accordance with the company's management requirements to exercise their powers, not to mention the good constraints on their own. Imagine, if this kind of managers once continue to exist, this phenomenon is not stopped, the company will be no fairness, justice can be said.

What's more, when the company according to the system of these disciplinary violations of the phenomenon of large penalties, the person in charge of the leadership and even show resistance to dissatisfaction, that since they have been wrongly accused, that the company's punishment is too strong, this negative attitude is precisely the root cause of the error. Leading cadres of the company's integrity construction initiatives do not know enough about their own management laxity has not attracted enough attention to the mistakes made by subordinates to the company caused by the adverse consequences of the company did not reflect deeply, so on and so forth, the company's future is likely to be cut off in the hands of these irresponsible people, which is a question of right and wrong, the company is never likely to be tolerated! This is a matter of right and wrong, and the company will never tolerate it! What is more important than the common interests of thousands of employees and the interests of just a few people? The fate of the company's future and the personal loss of the punished person and which is more important? I think we can all understand this reasoning.

Speaking of fairness and impartiality, let me give you an example. In the selection of talent, the company's usual practice is to "not stick to one pattern", as long as there are talented and virtuous, no matter where you are, no matter who you are recommended, or you are a relative of which leader, can be cultivated or exceptionally used, there is no doubt that this practice for the company's long-term development, especially the reserve of the reserve power to provide good policy Support. However, it is worth noting that once there is a deviation in the implementation, it will lead to unfair and unjust phenomenon. There are many shift leaders in the workshop who are recommended and appointed by the workshop director, but some of them are the brothers or relatives of the workshop director, and some of them are even bought with money, which should arouse the concern of our management. Firstly, if these appointed shift supervisors are really talented and can really play a leading role, the grass-roots employees will have no complaints; if they are appointed as shift supervisors only on the basis of their connections or the money they have spent, how can they convince the public? Secondly, in the process of appointing these team leaders, have they been democratically selected and assessed? Does the team leader possess the necessary skills and conditions? Therefore, in any case, any management tool or initiative should be implemented with prudence and caution, and it must not be done blindly and arbitrarily, or else it will bring about confusion in management and lead to serious consequences.

Managers who fail to be fair and just are also a manifestation of their lack of integrity and honesty. Any manager who harbours selfish motives and uses his power to harbour people is bound to be an unqualified manager.

China's selling of titles began in the fourth year of Qin Shi Huang's reign (243 B.C.), when a plague of locusts struck and the Imperial Household permitted the people to pay for the payment of 1,000 metric tonnes of corn, and then they were given a title. The Records of the First Emperor of Qin (《史记-秦始皇纪》) reads: "Gengyin in October, locusts came from the east, covering the sky, and the world was plagued with epidemics, and the people who paid 1,000 stones of corn were given a grade of knighthood." More than two thousand years have passed, this phenomenon of selling officials even appeared in the Guoqiang company, actually really someone paid for the class president to do, it is really funny. It can be imagined that there are still some ugly phenomena in the company that have not been discovered, and there are still many shortcomings that have not attracted the attention of the management!

In the use of talent, we are not opposed to recommending their own relatives to assume leadership positions, the key is how to grasp the degree, how to exercise power correctly, how to go through the normal employment procedures, and must not be allowed to use their power for personal gain by harbouring the phenomenon.

Spring and Autumn Period, a famous minister of the State of Jin Qi Huangyang "within the lift does not avoid relatives, outside the lift does not avoid hatred", he recommended the county magistrate with his own has a grudge against the people, he recommended the dynasty law enforcement officials put forward their own son, showing the national affairs, fair and honest, recommending the good and talented people of excellent quality. His own relatives were virtuous and talented, and he recommended them to become officials, and did not avoid them because they were relatives; his enemies were virtuous and talented, and he recommended them to become officials, and did not avoid them because they were enemies. The core of the saying, "Do not avoid relatives, do not avoid enemies", is that no matter who one's relatives and enemies are, as long as one is a virtuous person, one should be recommended. Justice is the most important quality in order to achieve the principle of "not avoiding relatives in internal promotion and not avoiding enemies in external promotion". Only fairness can do selflessness, there will be "selflessness in the bottom of the world wide" open-minded, only to have the ability to courage to "internal promotion does not avoid relatives, external promotion does not avoid hatred. Only with the quality of impartiality can we objectively select, recommend and use talents, and we can not be confused by all kinds of illusory illusion, and adhere to the principle of "meritocracy".

It is right to advocate cronyism, but such phrases as "raising the virtuous and not avoiding relatives, raising relatives and not avoiding suspicion", "raising the virtuous and not avoiding hatred, raising the virtuous and not avoiding relatives", "raising outside and not avoiding hatred, raising inside and not avoiding relatives" must not become the basis for cronyism. must not be used as an excuse for nepotism. As you feel that they have so little power and use "to raise the virtuous not to avoid relatives, to raise relatives not to avoid suspicion" as a cover for the leading cadres, your so-called "secret Chencang" practice can only do up to themselves to see, with it to fool the majority of the staff is not feasible.

There is a considerable part of the disciplinary violations and corruption cases are in the system is not perfect situation, due to the defects of the system, so that the corrupt elements in the absence of a complete system of soil above the opportunity to take advantage of the "loophole" can be drilled, such a system, but became a breeding ground for corruption. Therefore, we must at least this system of "high-voltage line" complete, complete set up, warning people which can touch which can not touch, so that the system can become a "mirror", when the life of every corner of the work, shine to the people's This will enable the system to become a "mirror" that shines at every corner of life and work, and at people's words and deeds, thus preventing corruption and disciplinary offences from occurring as far as possible. Imagine, assuming that the appointment of a squad leader must undergo a rigorous selection review, go through the normal employment procedures, the phenomenon of buying a squad leader will still exist? Will the phenomenon of harbouring still exist?

In recent years, the development of the company's pace did not stop, the same, anti-corruption flag flying high as always, as long as the phenomenon of corruption and indiscipline exists for a day, the audit and supervision work will certainly fight endlessly, as the Bodhisattva said, "hell is not empty, vowed not to become a Buddha," audit and supervision of the work of the long way to go! 

▲High-tech Environmental Protection Division held a special meeting on integrity and signed the Agreement on Integrity Responsibility.

▲Engineering Department held a special meeting on integrity, and signed the Agreement on Integrity Responsibility

▲Manager You Guocheng of Engineering Department signed "Agreement on Integrity Responsibility".