"2017 China's top 20 PV mounting companies" released Guoqiang galvanised topped the list

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At the conference of "2017 Global PV Top 20 Ranking" held on April 16, Jiangsu Guoqiang Galvanising Industry Co., Ltd, located in Shangxing Town, Liyang City, was ranked first in the list of "2017 China's Top 20 PV Racking Enterprises" with last year's global shipment volume of 2,908 megawatts. "The ranking is initiated by 365 PV.   

The ranking was initiated and organised by 365 Photovoltaic, which announced the ranking of global PV enterprises in seven categories, including "racking enterprises".   

Jiangsu Guoqiang Galvanising Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in October 1998, the company covers an area of more than 1,600 acres, with more than 3,000 employees, total assets of 5 billion yuan, and an annual production capacity of 2 million tonnes. The company specialises in the production and sale of all kinds of high-frequency welded steel pipes, spiral steel pipes, oil and gas pipes, solar photovoltaic racks and other products, and specialises in galvanising and processing of all kinds of iron components. It is a multifunctional and cross-field large-scale enterprise group with iron and steel manufacturing and processing as its main business, and integrating property development, logistic services, finance, modern agriculture and other industries as a whole.   

Our products have been successfully sold to America, Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Guoqiang has been awarded the honours of "China's Top 500 Private Enterprises", "China's Top 100 Transportation Enterprises", "China's Leading Industrial Enterprises", "Safe Enterprise of Jiangsu Province" and so on. "Jiangsu Province Safe Enterprise" and other honours.   

The company's traffic safety facilities products ranked first in the national market share and production capacity, photovoltaic bracket products, galvanised processing capacity, etc. in the domestic leading position.