Highway sound barrier use_ National Quality Inspection Stable Qualified Products and National Quality and Integrity Advanced Enterprises Showcase

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Jiangsu Guoqiang Galvanised Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in October 1998, the group is subordinate to more than ten enterprises and more than twenty branches of various types of welded pipe, spiral pipe manufacturing, thermoelectric galvanised, spraying and dipping, nano-processing, highway safety facilities materials manufacturing, railway sound barrier manufacturing, large-scale casting and forging manufacturing, steel sheet piling manufacturing, electric power facilities, new energy and so on. Professional production and sales of 4 minutes to 8 inches high-frequency welded steel pipe, 219-2540 specifications of spiral steel pipe, oil and natural gas pipe, thick-walled pipe, highway safety facilities products, railway sound barrier products, electric power pylons, photovoltaic products, various specifications of steel pipe, flat iron, round steel, angle steel and iron large and small parts of the production and hot-dip galvanising electro-galvanising processing, electrostatic plastic spraying and nano-processing. It is a multifunctional and cross-field large-scale group with steel production and processing as its main business and logistics service, modern tourism and agriculture, new energy supporting and financial industries as one.