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Waveform guardrail utility model involves a highway central divider opening with a combination of waveform plate movable steel guardrail, the guardrail consists of two pieces of waveform steel guardrail plate and the two fixed between the two clamped two columns, two columns fixed clamped between the two pieces of waveform steel guardrail plate. In the normal operation of the highway, the guardrail using the insertion and extraction of columns can be easily inserted into the opening of the pre-set insertion and extraction of holes, play a role in isolation and protection, while echoing with the highway on the outside edge of the guardrail belt, neat and tidy, beautiful supporting. Vehicle collision, due to the waveform steel guardrail plate has good crashworthiness and energy absorption effect, not only is not easy to be crashed, but also can play a good role in the protection of vehicles and drivers and passengers. When the road surface maintenance or other reasons need and pass, can be convenient to the opening of the groups of guardrail columns pulled out to move away, open up the channel, to facilitate vehicular traffic.