Highway guardrail price

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Highway guardrail

Roadside waveform beam guardrail can be divided into B, A, SB, SA, SS five levels according to the anti-collision grade, highway guardrail is a typical cold-formed steel products.

The common specification of two-wave guardrail plate is 4320mm×310mm×85mm×3/4mm, and the column is 114/140 mm×4.5mm.

Three-wave guardrail plate common specifications are 4320mm × 506mm × 85mm × 3/4mm, columns for 130mm × 130mm × 7mm.

Waveform beam guardrail is generally classified according to the setting location and collision avoidance level. According to the setting place, it can be divided into roadside guardrail and central divider guardrail. According to the collision avoidance grade, it can be divided into A grade and B grade. A grade guardrail belongs to the reinforced type, which is suitable for the road side especially dangerous road.