What are all the road traffic safety facilities?

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Road traffic safety facilities play an important role in ensuring driving safety and reducing the extent of potential accidents. Good safety facilities system should have traffic management, safety protection, traffic guidance, isolation and closure, glare prevention and other functions. Road traffic safety facilities include: traffic signs, road markings, guardrails, barriers, lighting equipment, sight-inducing markers, anti-glare facilities and so on.

Highway safety guardrail should not only stop the vehicle out of the road, to prevent the vehicle through the central divider into the opposite lane; at the same time, it should also be able to induce the driver's line of sight.

The barrier is one of the infrastructures of the motorway, which makes the full closure of the motorway possible and prevents people and animals from entering the motorway. It can effectively exclude lateral interference, to avoid the resulting traffic delays or traffic accidents, to protect the benefits of the motorway play. Isolation fence according to its use of different materials, can be divided into metal mesh, steel mesh, barbed wire and evergreen hedge several categories.