In the name of basketball, Zhang Yang Guoqiang youth

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         The Moon is Good for Four Seasons

         What's so great about Mid-Autumn

         The day the moon is full of flowers and flowers

         Apart from enjoying the moonlight and having a good chat, we can also drink wine and ask questions about the moon.

         Why don't we meet in Sheung Hing and promote the youth of the country in the name of basketball?




        The 2nd National Games "Xingyuan Cup" Basketball Match of Shangxing Town came to an end this afternoon. Jiangsu Guoqiang representative team all the way through the thorns, into the finals ......




Confirmation of eyes, is the person who play the game together

Handsome ball handling, accurate shooting.

Mutual co-operation, beautiful counter-attacks

Even if the court is hot, we still go all out

Every time they run wildly, take to the air, and turn around.

Is the most beautiful scenery on the court.






Because we love it, we love it.

Because of us, it's always the same.

The whistle blew and the game was over.

We've won.


In the Name of Basketball

In the name of basketball

May you always be young

May you still have basketball dreams

No brothers, no basketball