Cao Mountain Autumn Scenery Guoqiang Walking--Jiangsu Guoqiang First Outdoor Activity

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         You say, autumn colours are so beautiful

         I say, because the colourfulness is the true colour of life.

         October in the South

         Autumn is high and clear, the scenery is pleasant





          In order to enrich the staff's cultural and sports activities, enhance the staff's team consciousness and cohesion, and at the same time help the staff to mediate the physical and mental state, and to combine work and leisure, the company organised the outdoor activities with the theme of "CaoShan Autumn Scenery, GuoQiang Healthy Walking" on October 2nd in CaoShan Scenic Spot.




         Accompanied by bright sunshine, fragrant flowers, why don't you follow us to walk in the mountains, say goodbye to the hustle and bustle, and step on the floating yellow leaves, as if you were in a fairyland, so pleasant.




             After the hike, everyone came to the beautiful Snow Wolf Lake Leisure Lodge and gathered together to sing and play games, the scene was full of laughter, as if they were back to their childhood days.






Wonderful singing by Ms Fan Zhaoxia of Welded Pipe Workshop.



The Battle for the Stool



What goes best with autumn?

Apart from crabs.

It must be barbecue.



Salivating over the autumn colours while having a barbecue under the blue sky and white clouds, couldn't be happier~



Do-it-yourself, eat well, DIY BBQ, we are serious about it!



        Happy time is always short, after eating and drinking everyone left one after another. Finally, I remind you: travelling outside, health is also very important, they ate and used up the bags should be thrown into the rubbish bin Oh, we have to do a quality national strong people.