Jiangsu Guoqiang Group organised a production safety education and warning film viewing activity

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Life cannot be rehearsed. Remember the price of blood.


Work safety is an eternal theme for society and enterprises, and the prosperity and development of an enterprise must strengthen safety responsibilities, rectify hidden production hazards and strengthen fire prevention supervision.

According to publicity reports, more than 200,000 people die in China every year from various types of accidents, and 400,000 to 500,000 people are disabled as a result of accidents. The direct economic loss due to accidents is about 280 billion RMB per year, and nearly 45 billion RMB per year has to be spent on emergency rescue, which is equivalent to destroying four completed Three Gorges projects every year.





In order to further implement the safety committee of Changzhou City, Liyang City and Shangxing Town on the various work requirements of the safety production warning education and publicity activities, to comprehensively improve the safety awareness of the majority of employees and the ability of self-prevention and self-rescue, and to really make the alarm bells ring, think of danger in safety, and raise the safety production to a new level of understanding. The Group Safety Committee specially organised the majority of employees to watch the production safety education and warning film activities on 20 and 21 October 2018 in two sessions in the conference auditorium of Shangxing Middle School, with a total of 568 frontline employees, production management personnel, safety management personnel, as well as representatives from various centres of Guoqiang Galvanized and Guodian Business Unit, participating in the film viewing activities, which took place in a well-ordered manner.





Two films, Life Cannot Be Rehearsed and Lessons of Pain, were screened, with a total length of about 100 minutes. The film mainly talked about the situation of production safety in China, the guiding ideology, basic principles and planning objectives, reviewed the typical large-scale production safety accidents in China in recent years, and elaborated on the important reasons for the accidents - enterprises do not pay attention to safety, focus on efficiency rather than safety, failure to implement the main responsibility for production safety, safety supervision is not strict, hidden danger investigation is not thorough, the safety foundation is not solid, emergency rescue is not timely, etc.. The film explains the major reasons for the accidents - enterprises do not pay attention to safety, put more emphasis on efficiency than safety, do not implement the main responsibility for safety production, do not carry out safety supervision, do not investigate hidden dangers thoroughly, do not have a solid safety foundation, and do not provide timely emergency rescue.

The "8.2 Kunshan Zhongrong Explosion", "8.12 Tianjin Binhai New Area Explosion", and "7.19 Hukun Expressway Truck Rear-Ended Bus Explosion", etc., all of which were broadcasted in the film, have resulted in tragic casualties and economic losses. The accident caused heavy casualties and economic losses. The world must remember the price of blood and the painful lessons learnt!

Safety can be rehearsed, life cannot be rehearsed. It is hoped that through this film watching activity, the majority of employees will fully understand the importance of production safety, firmly establish the concept of "life first, safety development", do a good job in production safety, and effectively prevent all kinds of accidents.


Group Safety Committee announces

21st October 2018