A feast of sports, a group of national strong people who dare to fight.

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               On 27th October, the second national sports meeting of Shangxing Town was warmly opened in the exciting music of Shangxing Town Primary School. Accompanied by loud slogans, overflowing smiles, the sportsmen and women of Jiangsu Guoqiang walked towards us with their heads held high ......




October in Autumn

The sunshine is perfect, the breeze is not irritable

On the field of play

We're upwardly mobile and valiant




Memories of Childhood - Shuttlecock

Who has more "belly" - drinking drinks

Whether it's the co-ordination of two persons and three legs

or a tug of war

Every way you look

is a wonderful moment







               In the joyful cheers, the game is over, through the courageous struggle, Jiangsu Guoqiang Group won the "enterprise group total score of the second place" good results. And congratulations to the following partners from the competition to stand out, won the victory!


Team event: first place in tug-of-war

Individual event:

Shuttlecock competition 2nd place-Chen Qixia

Third place in Shuttlecock Competition-Yang Yan

Rope skipping- Zhang Min

Third place in Rope Skipping-Li Linwei

The first place in two person three-legged race- Zhang Min, Zhou Ping

The third place in two-people three-legged race-Jiang Danping, Zhu Qiufeng


Behind the honour

Is the sweat of everyone's hard work

Life goes on, sport goes on

For youth, for honour

We'll see you next year