Jiangsu Guoqiang Successfully Held 2018 Annual Work Summary, Advanced Recognition and 2019 Annual Work Conference

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  From February 18 to February 22, the company's functional centres and business divisions held the 2018 annual work summary, advanced commendation and 2019 annual work conference one after another. At the meeting, 151 excellent employees, 11 excellent managers and 9 excellent teams for the year 2018 were grandly honoured. Mr. Yuan Guoqiang, Chairman of Jiangsu Guoqiang, participated in the whole meeting and made work requirements and deployments for each centre and division in 2019. The conference went smoothly in a strong atmosphere of high morale, firmness and unity, and achieved a complete success.



1. Conduct of business



Group photo of all participants of Guoqiang Galvanising Division




Guoqiang Galvanising Division held a meeting




New Energy Division held a meeting




Meetings of the functional centres



2. Presentation of honours








3. Interviews with outstanding representatives


Guoqiang Editor: How long have you joined the Guoqiang family?

Gao Ansong: In June 2012, I came in.


Guoqiang Editor: Six years, already considered the company's old man, do you think the company has changed over the years?


Gao Ansong: there is no talk of old people or not old people, the company is very supportive of new and old employees. If you want to talk about changes,......, there are many. First of all, the environment: before is to rely on their own hands to work, these years our company is getting better and better, purchased a lot of machines, but also to expand the scale of the workshop work are now semi-automatic, freeing up our hands. Another is the salary (embarrassed smile), now the salary, have doubled. Of course, safety comes first. Our team has had zero accidents in the whole year. The leaders take good care of the new employees and always train them with relevant knowledge.

Guoqiang: What do you think is the biggest challenge this job brings you? How did you solve it?

Gao Ansong: Everyone's position is more or less difficult, and I am no exception. When it comes to this, I have to thank the leaders for their support all the time. Whether it's a big or small matter, whether it's private or public, as long as we go to the leader, he will be very patient and talk to us until he understands. I have learnt a lot from following the leader over the years. I am now a square pipe line team leader, before the contact is not much, is a professional bit by bit to explain to us this technology, and often guide us when we work, so repeatedly, we are gradually familiar with.

Guoqiang Editor: What are the people and things around you that impressed you or inspired you?

Gao Ansong: When we have to suspend the machine at lunch time, those workers always let us go to eat first, while they stay to repair and overhaul the machine. When we came back from lunch, they would go again, and the food would be cold by then, but they never complained and insisted on doing so. That made me admire them. In fact, I won't talk about the technical aspects, like this one, it's all there for everyone to see.

Guoqiang Editor:What progress have you made compared to '17?

Gu Yunian, Min Youlin, Ma Daoyun: I'll say part of this. Compared to 17 years, our production in 18 years went up 31.6%, costs went down 24.47%, and there were no safety accidents on my side for three consecutive years. One more thing, the employees are very stable. The working environment is better on our side, the workshop used to be noisy in production, but now the equipment and other things have been improved, so it's not so noisy, and we also got rid of the dust. Our welded pipe automatic line is basically a year-round production, so the work is more stable.

Guoqiang Editor: Such an excellent performance, I believe everyone would like to know how you manage the team, can you tell us?

Gu Yunian, Min Youlin, Ma Daoyun: (next to Min Youlin can not resist want to express their views) First of all, the Valley plant himself hardworking. You know what? Gu Factory comes to the company at 6 o'clock every day - when others are still in bed and can't get up, he's already at the company, and he does so every day. He runs very hard and turns to all parts of the workshop every day, and this spirit is worth learning from us. Secondly, he is highly professional, and he knows a lot of knowledge that we don't know. Furthermore, the management of the valley factory is well controlled, so that we are all very obedient to his management, but also to allow other departments to assist. It is hard for us to do the production, but we respect Gu factory by self-discipline and little by little.

Guoqiang: In the process of management, are there any impressive people or things?

Gu Yunian, Min Youlin, and Ma Daoyun: In order to put on a new line, all the managers and the workers below them almost didn't move an inch in the workshop. When we worked overtime, the shift manager didn't even eat himself and brought us meals while he continued to get them. When everyone was not optimistic about the project, it was Mr Wang, Mr Yuan and Mr Gu who kept encouraging us to go ahead. They were like a bright light, and we found our way and direction along with them. They were the ones who kept boosting our confidence and told us to just let go and do it.




Gu Yunian, Director of Galvanising Plant                      Power Equipment Manager Min Youlin





Director of Plastic Spraying and Cutting Workshop Ma Daoyun              Shift Supervisor, Line 120, Square Tube, Gao Ansong



Wave goodbye to a fruitful 2018

Hand in hand to the 2019 full of hope and progress

In 2019, we still do not forget the original intention, and move forward!