The first public announcement of EIA of Jiangsu Guoqiang Safety New Material Co.

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Intelligent Manufacturing Project of Safety Equipment Materials of Jiangsu Guoqiang Safety New Material Co.
Environmental impact assessment a public announcement

I. Construction project overview

Project name: Intelligent manufacturing project of safety equipment materials of Jiangsu Guoqiang Safety New Material Co;
Construction location: Liyang Economic Development Zone Shangxing New District;

Nature of construction: new construction;
Construction content: total investment of 130,000,000 yuan, construction area of 311,000 square metres, annual output of 1 million tonnes of galvanized pipes, 1.5 million tonnes of galvanized profiles, 1.2 million tonnes of welded pipes, 200,000 tonnes of spiral pipes, and 100,000 tonnes of stainless steel pipes.



Second, the name of the construction unit and contact information

Name of construction unit: Jiangsu Guoqiang Safety New Material Co.
Contact: Mr Jiang, 0519-87736220


Third, the name of the environmental impact preparation unit:

Suzhou Kotai Environmental Technology Co.


IV. Web link to the public comment form: Extract code: jg58


V. Ways and means of submitting public comment forms:

Email: 871137740@qq.com或联系电话: 0512-65090890
   In the process of preparing the draft environmental impact report for comments, the public can all put forward comments related to environmental impact assessment to the construction unit. Reflect the opinions and suggestions related to the environmental impact of the construction project by sending emails or by posting letters (postmark date shall prevail) after filling in the public opinion form.