Quality is not only "315", but also "365".

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Jiangsu Guoqiang brand, as a nationally renowned brand, has always insisted on quality as the lifeline of the enterprise for more than twenty years. According to the first quarterly data of Guoqiang quality department, in the case of the overall galvanised production capacity increased by 28%, the one-time pass rate of Guoqiang galvanised products reached 99.98%. How to achieve capacity increase at the same time as the product qualification rate is also rising steadily, it depends on the quality management of Guoqiang three major "magic weapon".

1. Guard the source

Seize the source, in order to eliminate quality problems from the root. Therefore, how to effectively control the inspection of raw materials has become the most concerned about the quality department.

From the strategic level, the company has established long-term cooperation with five famous domestic steel mills, and the quality department samples and analyses all raw materials. Professional testing team, authoritative testing organisations to ensure the accuracy of the test data.



Zhengping Laboratory                                    Professional inspection team



2. All-round inspection and continuous improvement of customer satisfaction




First inspection:


Before the product is put on line, the materials to be put into production are carefully verified, and all kinds of tools are used to confirm whether the performance is intact. Then small batch production of three to five products to confirm whether the product is qualified. Qualified and then on-line production, unqualified to find out why, until qualified to mass production.


Process control:


In the production process of the products, the operation specification and inspection specification are strictly implemented, and the management personnel and quality officers carry out spot checks on the products 24 hours a day, invest 200% of their energy to pay attention to the weak links in the production, and do not spare any quality problems.




Finished product inspection:


Equipped with specialised finished goods warehouse to check incoming products. Regular unpacking inspection, warehouse inspection, joint inspection by production line and quality department.



Third party inspection:


Random sampling of professional inspection agencies, the issuance of authoritative test reports, but also the company's product quality assurance evidence. Jiangsu Province Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute carries out random inspection on our products every year.


3. Improvement of quality awareness of the whole staff

Perfect quality inspection team. Each link and each process has a corresponding person in charge. One ring, one job, clear division of labour.

The effective operation of the quality, environment, occupational health and safety system and the quality assurance system of pressure piping components ensures the ability to continuously meet customer satisfaction.

Every day production morning meeting to analyse yesterday's production and encountered quality problems, in-depth analysis of the hazards of these quality problems, layer by layer traceability, clear quality responsibility.

From the competent leadership to the grassroots staff, everyone participates, everyone is an inspector.


"Our quality is the life of others," said proudly Gu Yunian, director of the galvanising plant.

Gu Yunian, the director of the galvanising plant, has led the galvanising workshop since last year without a single quality incident. From his experience in managing quality, product quality is manufactured, not tested. Due to the one-sidedness of the sampling itself, even if the development of even more stringent sampling standards, it is only "to generalise", there will always be some "fish out of water". These "fish out of the net" flow to the customer, will bring losses to the customer.

To improve the quality of our products from the root, which requires each of our employees have "quality in my heart" consciousness. Quality is the foundation of everything, no quality, talk about what brand, development, competition are empty words. Especially for our manufacturing enterprises, quality is the cornerstone of the survival and development of our enterprises.