Youthfulness, welcome the strong country, and fly the dream

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 Cao Mountain in March, the stranger blossoms, willow buds, flowers continue to spread out, the mountains, full of spring ......




On the morning of 23rd March, the company carried out the outdoor theme of "Youthful, Winning Strong Country, Flying Dreams" in the beautiful Xuewolf Lake Leisure Villa in Cao Shan. The activity gathered a lot of Guoqiang handsome men and women, put up the word "Guoqiang" to show the youthful face of our Guoqiang people to the clear sky, to meet the road to a strong country, to let go of their dreams, and to chase their hopes, the young people of Guoqiang will continue to be the foundation of the country's manufacturing industry, to innovate, unite and advance, and to contribute to the country's wealth and people's strength.



Spring is in the air

You and I are full of joy

The songs are beautiful, the food is delicious.

The joy of life is in the mountains and the water

There's food, drink, sound and us.




Towards the end of the event, all the National Strength personnel sang a chorus of the song "Unity is Strength", a powerful song echoed throughout the entire Xuelang Lake, recording the beauty of today and foreshadowing that tomorrow will be better, the successful conclusion of the event!



Spring is already visible and audible

Have you already felt

While the flowers are still blooming, while the years are still young.

Why don't you take a walk on a warm spring day?