May 4th Youth Day 丨carry forward the spirit of May 4th, show the national strength style

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What is youth?

In 1915, the New Youth said in its launching address:

"Youth is like the first spring, like the sunrise, like the sprouting of flowers, like the sharp edge of a new whetstone.

The most precious period of life."


In order to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the May Fourth Movement, carry forward the May Fourth spirit, strengthen the company's corporate culture, enhance the staff's teamwork and cohesion, promote youth unity and strengthen the construction of the Youth League, April 28, the company carried out "carry forward the May Fourth spirit, show the national strong style" as the theme of the May Fourth Youth Day red theme education and outdoor development activities. and outdoor development activities. The following is a review of the wonderful moments of this theme activity.


Group Building and Expansion Colourful Cao Shan

In the Cao Shan expansion base, the coach led a variety of activities, from the beginning of the team ice-breaking, component team, to each game session after that, we gradually cooperate with each other, overcoming all kinds of obstacles, mutual trust and unity, with the completion of each task, the scene erupted with victory cheers and proud laughter.



The more we fight, the more youthful we are

Whether it's the "Elite Team", "Invincible Team" or "Youth Team" or "Iron Man Alliance", all of Guoqiang's friends gave full play to their talents. Partners gave full play to their intelligence, through the "Rapid 60 seconds", "Inspiration for life", "Unbreakable forest", "Bead travelling Through the fun competitions such as "Rapid 60 Seconds", "Inspire Life", "Unbreakable Forest", and "Miles of Pearls", the relaxing and passionate atmosphere of the site was pushed to the climax.

Red Mark Whitehorse Lee Lane

Green bricks with tile paint, thick green...

Under the influence of the red stories in Lixiang

I deeply felt that in that time of war.

There were such a group of lovely and respectable people

They defied the odds to protect our homes.


"When the youth rise, the nation rises.

"When youth is strong, the nation is strong."

May we

May we pass on the May 4th spirit of patriotism, progress, democracy and science.

The youth power of creative awareness, ability, thinking and effectiveness.

May we

Look up to the stars to pursue our dreams

Strive on the ground