2017 New Year Message from Chairman Yuan

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The great saint of the New Year's report, the rooster celebrates the New Year.

As the years change, 2016 has come to an end, and the door of the new year is already open, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks and blessings to our colleagues who have worked hard for the development of the company over the past year and who have remained at their workplaces during the festive season, as well as to extend our most sincere greetings for the Chinese New Year and deepest respect to them.

Looking back on the past year, Guoqiang continues to uphold the vision of "becoming a public enterprise with rich social value", the mission of "creating a better life for employees", "integrity and honesty, diligence and optimism, pragmatism and rigour, teamwork and excellence". With "honesty, diligence, optimism, pragmatism, teamwork and excellence" as the core values of the company, we have innovated and eliminated the shortcomings of the company, integrated the development of the company, given full play to the traditional advantageous projects, and expanded the territory in new fields, fully demonstrating Guoqiang people's strong will and fearlessness of forging ahead, struggling hard and standing up to the waves. Through the unremitting efforts of all of us, the company still smiles and develops smoothly under the changing and turbulent environment of the steel market, which is something that Guoqiang people should be proud of.

2016, for all of us Guoqiang people is an extraordinary year, in this year, the company, whether from the technology, production or management, have improved. We paid attention to the renewal and transformation of equipment, pay more attention to the production cost and efficiency, and the concept of talent is further formed; in order to promote the long-term development of the enterprise, we newly put on the big hanging plating production line, Guodian wire, and successfully applied for the cold bending grade one qualification and other qualification upgrades; the completion of the large-scale indoor warehouse, as well as the attempted intervention in the field of modern logistics, which has laid the foundation of the full implementation of the enterprise's future strategy of modern logistics; Especially in the field of new energy such as solar energy racking and national power pylons, we have made great development and improvement, which will bring good opportunities for the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise;

Into 2017, the company will further deepen the reform of the operating system, revitalise the existing resources, and seek for more space for development and the ability to resist market risks, so that the weak items will be gradually strengthened and the strong items will be stronger. In the future development, the pattern of the three sections is the effective integration of the company's resources, but also an important strategic adjustment and layout of the company, each section should grasp the opportunity to work hard to do a good job in this opening year; 2017, will be a new energy products to fully occupy the market in the key year, the division of the section for all "heroes" to create a "fist" to show their skills. The stage for the "heroes" to show their "fists and feet", I hope to have the ambition to be the first in each field, and I hope that each field will "blossom comprehensively and progress together"; In 2017, the company will put the strategic intention of technology and talent development on the most important position, to Talent strategy to promote technological innovation. Colleagues are welcome to recommend more industry experience, excellent aspirants to join Guoqiang family, for the company's future development to inject more, stronger, fresher vitality.

In 2017, we are about to usher in the "20th birthday" of Guoqiang company, which is of great significance to us, and this year will be a milestone in the history of enterprise development, therefore, we should cherish the wind and rain that we have gone through together, and look forward to a bright and beautiful tomorrow to meet the upcoming challenges!

When the wind rises and sails, those who can stand on the tide! We firmly believe that: a new year, new hopes, new ploughing, as long as we identify the situation, looking for gaps, continuous improvement, through the joint efforts of all, the company will be able to achieve a new leap, new glory, to achieve "create a better life for employees" "Guoqiang dream! The dream of "creating a better life for employees" will be realised.  

Finally, on the occasion of the New Year, I sincerely wish all colleagues a happy New Year, smooth work, good health, family happiness and good luck in the New Year!