Guoqiang's product sound barriers are displayed in Shenzhen SAR Banyin Passage Project

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At 12:00 noon on 28 April 2020, the much-anticipated Ban Yin Passage was officially opened to traffic.On 26 June 2019, our company won the bid for the sound barrier of the ninth contract section of Shenzhen's Ban Yin Passage Project, with a project bid of 120.72 million yuan. The total length is 3476 metres, and the total area of the sound barrier is 53626m2, including 1600 metres of inverted L section and 1876 metres of fully closed section. The steel structure of the sound barrier adopts hot dip galvanising plus plastic spraying process.

The sound barrier standard was started on 1 August 2019, completed on 31 March 2020, and the main line was opened to traffic on 28 April 2020. During the construction China Strong people carried forward the entrepreneurial spirit of overcoming difficulties and being unshirkable, especially during the Spring Festival and the Xin Guan epidemic, insisted on the production and construction, and made great efforts for the project to be opened to traffic on schedule, and got the concern and praise from the owner and the municipal government of Shenzhen.

We believe that, relying on the Group's more than 20 years of unceasing entrepreneurial accumulation, the company's sound barrier project will take advantage of the situation, seize the opportunity, adhere to grasp the momentum of China's development, and continue to create new growth and walk with those who insist on their dreams!