Goddess Day, to the most beautiful her

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March on earth is the month of peaches and blossoms.

It's the annual Goddess Day.

I wish all goddesses a happy holiday.

Live your best life.

Bing Xin once said: If there is no woman in the world, the world will lose at least five-tenths of the truth, six-tenths of the goodness, seven-tenths of the beauty.When carrying a child in October, tasting the most painful and coldest moments in the world, just for the moment of first sight! In order to put on the armour for the child, hard work for a lifetime. She is no longer young, but love your heart unchanged, please give her a hug, gently say: "Mum, I love you!"

When grown-ups leave their parents and go to unfamiliar environments, become someone else's wife, put away the innocence of a young girl, and vegetate in the soup. Perhaps the fireworks in the kitchen have made her flowery face plain and smouldering, but please recall the original heart and love when you were together and say, "Wife, I love you!"


Special thanks to the "seven-tenths" of Guo-Qiang's beautiful people.

They hold up half the sky for their families, and hold their own at work.

Guoqiang has prepared gifts for the goddesses.

Enjoy a goddess-only holiday!