The road to high-quality development

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    On 14th May, Jiangsu Guoqiang Group's Lean Production Project Kick-off Meeting was successfully held in the Group's office building. Chairman Yuan Guoqiang, Senior Vice President Feng Wei, Vice President Yuan Lianxi, General Manager of Guoqiang Galvanising Division Zhang Changming, General Manager of Guozhi Division Peng Xichuan and other leaders attended the kick-off ceremony. Lean Production Promotion Office, members of Lean Production Special Group and related leaders attended the meeting. Guangdong Yuanda Fangliu consultant attended the meeting.

       Chairman Yuan pointed out that since Jiangsu Guoqiang was established 20 years ago, with the support of all colleagues, the group has grown and expanded step by step. 2020, the group has become the first domestic shipment of photovoltaic bracket, the first market share of traffic guardrail, and the industry leader in new building materials and galvanised products. In the past 20 years, the Group has made brilliant achievements, but we should also see that there is a big gap between the Group's operational efficiency, management system and other advanced enterprises at home and abroad. All employees of the Company should be prepared for danger, open-minded and strive for excellence.
        Lean production is a necessary way for the company to move towards high-quality development. Leaders at all levels of the company should unify their understanding, be brave in learning and good at summarising, form a set of lean production management system, cultivate a group of lean production team, improve the production efficiency of the company, reduce the cost of production benefits, and enhance the core competitiveness of the company. The members of each special group should take this project as an opportunity to significantly improve their own management ability, work hard, and successfully complete the group's lean production goals under the leadership and support of the consultant.

       At the meeting, the chairman of the board of directors and the leaders of the special teams signed the target responsibility letter of the lean production project.

        Li Xiangchun, General Manager of Strategic Operations of the Group, introduced the background and promotion mechanism of the Lean Manufacturing project.

          Mr Dong Chen, senior expert of Yuanda Fangliang, introduced the project plan, project results and successful cases.

        Group photo of the Lean Office, the leaders of the specialised teams and the consultant team of the consulting firm.