Research on quick changeover, promote production efficiency - Guoqiang Group Liyang Base Lean Production Series Reports

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As a domestic private large-scale manufacturing enterprises, Guoqiang Group has diverse business segments, complex product types and heavy production tasks.

Among them, especially the photovoltaic business segment as a representative of the Group's photovoltaic bracket industry products, components, models, specifications, customers personalised custom demand is diverse, in order to ensure product quality, order delivery, the need to frequently switch moulds, adjust the parameters of the equipment, the difficulty of production management, and to promote the challenges of lean production, flexible production is also relatively large.

In the process of the Group's promotion of lean production, the project team of Xingsheng actively participates in, advises on, and solidly promotes the project, and a number of excellent teams have emerged, and the photovoltaic bracket group led by Chen Hui, the director of Xingsheng's production plant, is a typical representative of it.

In the production of photovoltaic bracket profiles, due to more changes in customer demand, it is necessary to frequently change the roll operation of the entire production unit. Previously, the work of changing rollers was very heavy, workers need to take down the heavy rollers from the production line, and then disengage the rollers on site, and then according to the demand for rollers installed, in the process of changing rollers, you need to use spanners, hammers, and other heavy objects to smash, due to the use of inappropriate tools, the workers not only work tired, long, and easy to rollers caused by the damage to the service life of the equipment, and the product quality of the formation of hidden dangers; At the same time, the roller changing area is not separated from the production area, the site utilisation efficiency is not high, and it also reduces the production efficiency.

In order to guarantee product quality, shorten product changeover time and improve site use efficiency, the PV bracket team, led by the lean production teacher, carefully studied each procedure, each action and each part of the changeover work, effectively differentiated between internal and external mould changeover, separated the changeover area from the operation area, and converted the internal operation of the changeover roller production line into external operation; and specially designed mould changeover tools, clarified the method of division of labour and collaboration and The standardised operation was formed. With the hard work of all the team members, the roll change in the section steel workshop was shortened from 16 hours to 9 hours, and the mould change time was shortened by 43.8%, creating good conditions for flexible production.

Rapid mould change not only brought about the improvement of quality, efficiency and economic benefits, but also made the team improve their ability and transform their thinking. In this regard, the summary of Chen's factory manager is very concise: by participating in rapid mould change, the whole team has undergone four major changes:

(1) Analytical ability: through learning the mould changing method, the ability to analyse problems was improved.

(2) Innovative thinking: the use of seminars, demonstration of quick work, simplify the steps, reduce tools, reduce the intensity of work, exercise the team's ability to think innovatively.

(3) Improvement Awareness: The results achieved through repeated verification and the aggregation of drop-by-drop improvements have enhanced the awareness of continuous improvement.

(4) Tool development: self-made material tools, trolleys, spanner spreaders, etc., to enhance the tool development, production and operation capabilities.

In the future, the PV bracket team will continue to study lean thinking and lean tools, and make efforts to promote PMC optimisation, layout adjustment, on-site improvement, process standardisation and other lean production work, so as to gradually improve production efficiency, reduce production costs and enhance resource utilisation efficiency through drop-by-drop improvement. We believe that through continuous promotion and accumulation, the lean production of photovoltaic bracket plate can achieve short, medium and long-term project goals, and create more contributions to the promotion of the Group's overall lean production and the realisation of Xingsheng's development goals!