Jiangsu Guoqiang Group Winter Fun Games

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On 23rd December 2021, a ray of brilliant sunshine warmed the winter afternoon, Jiangsu Guoqiang Winter Games was held in Xintiandi Square.

After lunch, the contestants came to the competition venue one after another, some of them tried out in the venue, some sorted out the dress code, some counted the team members, and they were busy, and the originally silent venue was lively all of a sudden.

12:30 by the host announced the flow of the games. The executive vice general manager of universal materials division, Zhang Changming, made a leadership speech: "I hope that the game we reflect mutual understanding, friendship, unity and fair competition of the Olympic spirit, I hope that every athlete is high-spirited, pay attention to the safety of the game process; referee to do a fair and just; the audience civilised visit, for the athletes to wave flags and shouting, cheering, and finally I wish the Games a complete success! ." Then Zhang Changming total with the site participants in the sports banner under the group photo. Finally, the host announced: Jiangsu Guoqiang 2021 Winter Games now officially started.

This year's games were well attended, with a total of 258 athletes and 340 participants. A total of tug of war, snowball, five-minute rope skipping, crossing the "bamboo shoots river" competition, happy fax a total of five competitions. Each competition item can exercise the ability of hands and brain, but also can exercise the spirit of unity and cooperation in the work. Athletes on the field of play out of the level, race style, and strive to be civilised athletes.

(Note: Some of the winning groups are made up of multiple cross-departmental groups and are named according to the department with the largest number of members).


From the beginning to the end of the Games, every athlete in the competition pulled the heartstrings of the staff present, cheering, cheering and applauding each other. The laughter at the scene rose and fell, allowing everyone to fully relax in the tense production process, to find the childishness. At 16:00 in the afternoon in all the participants, the staff's joint efforts, the Games closed victoriously. Zhang Changming, the executive vice general manager of Plain Material Division, Lv Fang, the vice general manager of Personnel Administration Centre, Gu Yunian, the director of Production Management Department of Plain Material Division, and Wang Linlin, the assistant general manager and safety director of Plain Material Division, presented the awards to the winning groups. In addition, all the non-awarded players were given a peace fruit each.

The fun games were held to let the staff fully stimulate their potential and release pressure, as well as to further encourage morale and motivation. Activities end, the vigour continues, Guoqiang Group will transform the unity and fighting spirit of sports into the forward momentum to promote the high-quality development of the enterprise, and put into work with a stronger body and fuller enthusiasm to contribute new and greater strength to the Group's high-quality development!