Dongda Liyang Technology Innovation Centre and Jiangsu Guoqiang carry out cooperation and exchange meeting

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On December 21, 2021, Qian Dejun and his team from Liyang Infrastructure Security and Wisdom Technology Innovation Centre of Southeast University (hereinafter referred to as "the Centre") visited Jiangsu Guoqiang Galvanizing Industry Co. (hereinafter referred to as "Jiangsu Guoqiang") to visit and exchange technical cooperation. Qian Dejun, full-time deputy director of the Centre, and his party visited Guoqiang's production plant and laboratory, and had an in-depth discussion with Yuan Chong, executive vice general manager of Jiangsu Guoqiang R&D Centre, and other R&D personnel on the future industry-university-research cooperation between the two sides. He Houquan and Cha Manjia, deputy mayors of Liyang Economic Development Zone (Shangxing Town), accompanied the visit and discussion.

At the meeting, Qian Dejun introduced the origin and construction process of the Centre, and elaborated on the construction concept and future development direction of the Centre from five aspects, including the original intention of the Centre, planning layout, talent cultivation, scientific research and social service. Qian Dejun said that the Centre and Guoqiang hand in hand, is to accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, the introduction of local talent services, and promote industrial transformation and upgrading of industry, academia and research cooperation of a new model!

Yuan Chong expressed her warm welcome to the visit of Qian Dejun and his delegation. She pointed out that Guoqiang always adheres to the enterprise vision of "making steel more vitality", focuses on the development concept of "being refined, specialised and strong", and concentrates on the R&D and manufacture of protective facilities in the fields of traffic safety, photovoltaic and building materials, and so on. We focus on the R&D and manufacture of protection facilities in the fields of traffic safety, photovoltaic and building materials. The cooperation with the Centre will surely make new breakthroughs in talent reserve, technology research and quality innovation.

He Houquan, on behalf of Liyang Economic Development Zone Government, spoke highly of this exchange, pointing out that Guoqiang, as a high-quality leading enterprise in Shangxing Town, has long been "actively exploring and seeking development, pioneering and innovating and competing for pioneers", which has set an example for the innovation and development of the enterprises in the Economic Development Zone. The cooperation and integration between the Centre and Guoqiang is a strong combination of universities and local enterprises, which is a major strategic plan to serve local enterprises, form local advantageous industrial layout and promote local economic development.

The two sides agreed to take this meeting as an opportunity to immediately begin to develop talent training, photovoltaic low-carbon, intelligent transportation, testing and consulting and other cooperation packages, so that the Centre's technological advantages, platform advantages and Guoqiang's market development advantages of the strong combination of integration, integration and development, the technology will be converted into productivity at an early date into benefits for the benefit of the party.