Fighting the Epidemic with All Hands on Deck

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In order to effectively block the risk of proliferation of the epidemic and comprehensively protect the health and life safety of the factory staff, according to the requirements of the provincial and municipal prevention and control command of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic as well as the development of the epidemic situation, Jiangsu Guoqiang carried out a large-scale nucleic acid test from the morning of 16th March.


Join me in a direct hit on the scene!



Two sampling points were set up in Jiangsu Guoqiang factory: nucleic acid sampling point in Xintiandi canteen and nucleic acid sampling point in Guoqiang technology centre compound. In each nucleic acid sampling point, it can be seen that the personnel who came to the sampling point wore masks and strictly kept a safety distance of one metre under the guidance of the on-site staff and volunteers. After successively going through temperature measurement, information registration, nucleic acid sampling and other links, they left the site in an orderly manner, and the whole sampling process was well organised and methodical.


In each nucleic acid sampling point can always see a lot of busy figures, there are wearing protective clothing busy "big white", and some to do a good job of nucleic acid testing preparatory work and testing during the logistical support of the staff and volunteers ...... they use their own practical actions to firmly guard the epidemic prevention and control of every line of defence, here, to you say a word: hard work!

A layer of water mist on the staff's protective cap

The "Great Whites" are working tirelessly.

Logistic support workers and volunteers are stationed at every line of defence from morning till night.

Epidemic prevention and control is a people's war, everyone is a soldier, everyone can contribute. As long as we think together, work together, and unite to fight the virus, we believe that the day when the mountains and rivers are safe and the epidemic subsides will soon come.