Jiangsu Guoqiang general materials division of the first lean yellow belt opening ceremony newsletter

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In order to improve the methods and skills of all staff to find and improve the on-site problems, to promote the company's innovation and improvement work to carry out continuously and effectively, and to solve the problem of lack of professional theoretical knowledge of all staff to improve, the General Materials Division held the opening ceremony of the first phase of the Lean Yellow Belt trainees on March 18th, and 8 Lean groups of the Division participated in the first class of the first Lean Yellow Belt training series. More than 50 trainees participated in the first class of the first Lean Yellow Belt training series. Zhang Changming, the deputy general manager of Universal Materials Division, put forward the requirements for the next step of lean management, and Huang Zeyuan of Lean Promotion Office presided over the meeting and conducted the opening training as a lecturer.

At the opening ceremony, Mr Zhang put forward requirements for lean work in his leadership speech:

First, to recognise the situation, the company to improve the level of manufacturing management without delay. The company's lean management work and the requirements of the Group, compared with the advanced lean manufacturing enterprises, there are still gaps, the current is the company's reform and development of the important opportunity period, we must practise hard to effectively improve the level of manufacturing management, to adapt to market changes and customer demand;

Second, to know and do, and effectively improve the ability of lean management, unified thinking, based on the status quo, we must adhere to the discovery of bottlenecks in the management of the point, focusing on the improvement of the pain points, in the form of full participation, improve efficiency, reduce costs, optimise staffing;

Third, we should make solid progress to ensure that lean management is effectively implemented, and each lean team will focus on the target requirements of Lean II and the working idea of 2022 to achieve the continuous deepening and improvement of lean management.

At the training session, Huang Zeyuan, the person in charge of the promotion office, gave a detailed explanation on "why we should implement lean management" as the starting point, focusing on the development history of lean production, the methodology of promoting lean production and manufacturing system, combining with the specific cases of international famous enterprises, focusing on the improvement skills and methodology, as well as the application of the relationship between methodology, and penetrating into the safety improvement. It focused on improvement techniques and methodology, and the application of the methodology, and infiltrated the importance of safety improvement to the development of the company. It further deepened the understanding of Lean Management.

During the next two months of Lean advancement, the Lean Yellow Belt series of courses will be conducted every Friday on time for other courses. According to the promotion plan, participants will combine the theoretical knowledge they have learned with on-site work to make practical improvements, and submit a practical project report for the final defence in order to obtain the Lean Yellow Belt Certificate. The training and the practice are in parallel, centred on the efficient management system, which helps everyone to build up the knowledge of the Lean production system from scratch, from something to something, from something to something, from something to something, from something to something, from something to something.