Briefing on TPM Initial Cleaning Activity in Coil Buckle Workshop!

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"In order to respond to the TPM work plan of Plain Material Division's Lean Production, the Equipment Management Lean Team, together with the Coil Buckle Production Lean Team, strengthened and enhanced the ability of employees to independently manage the equipment, and carried out the initial cleaning activities of TPM independent preservation in the coil buckling workshop's pole welding area twice in April.

  Pre-event meetings

In the activity on 27th April, Huang Zeyuan of Lean Promotion Office explained the significance of the activity, stressing that caring for the equipment is just like a soldier caring for the gun in his hand, and that through the cleaning of the equipment and the usual cleaning work, we can find out the minor defects of the equipment, the difficulty of cleaning, the source of contamination, and through the cleaning activity, we can solve the problem of "running, bubbling, dripping, and leaking", and try to solve the small problems such as fastening and oiling by ourselves. Through cleaning activities, the company solved the problem of "leakage" and tried to solve the small problems of fastening and oiling to familiarise itself with its own "partners" and cultivate the mindset of "I maintain my equipment and take care of my partners".

At the beginning of the activity, the equipment management lean team trained the equipment to carry out the activity safely, and carried out operations such as cutting off electricity and gas to the equipment, and provided OPL single-point education on the working principle of the equipment and the safe operation of the equipment.

Staff involved in the initial cleaning of the site staff to carry out work tasks assigned to two groups, equipment cleaning team (disc buckle production lean team to undertake) and defect recovery team (equipment management lean team to undertake), cleaning team in the process of cleaning the defects found in the source of the source of contamination on-site photo recording, and by the equipment recovery team on-site repair. A total of incorrect gas tube closure, missing pressure gauge, messy sensor wires, broken switches, more dust on the welding machine and other sources of defects were found on site, and all of them were repaired under the premise of guaranteeing safe production.

The team members who participated in this cleaning activity said after the activity: seeing the equipment cleaned up and the hidden dangers eliminated, the workplace felt a lot more friendly. In the future work, we will put the TPM work into practice, strictly and effectively follow the requirements of the independent preservation of equipment, to do and do "my equipment I maintain".

According to the TPM promotion plan, we will carry out the initial cleaning activity of one piece of equipment every week, and carry out daily cleaning for the equipment to maintain the results of the initial cleaning.TPM activities will put the equipment preservation work into practice, and make preparations for the production increase of the disc buckle workshop to escort the work.