Liyang municipal party secretary Ye Minghua investigated Jiangsu Guoqiang

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On May 4, Ye Minghua, secretary of Liyang municipal party committee, and his party visited Jiangsu Guoqiang to investigate the work of safety production, and municipal leaders Zhao Ming and Chen Bo accompanied the investigation.


Yuan Guoqiang, chairman of the company, expressed his gratitude to the municipal government of Liyang for its care and support all along, and focused on the company's production and operation, safety production and innovation planning this year.


Secretary Ye affirmed the development of Jiangsu Guoqiang, and expressed deep concern for the company's current epidemic prevention and control initiatives, safety production and problems encountered in the operation. He asked the relevant departments to attach great importance to the development of leading enterprises, increase the care and support, and effectively help enterprises to solve the difficulties and problems encountered in the development of enterprises, support enterprises to become bigger and stronger.