Guoqiang Xingsheng won the "2022 China Rooftop Energy Accessory Influential Brand (Bracket)" award.

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On 23rd July, Guoqiang Xingsheng was invited to participate in the 4th China Household Photovoltaic Conference and Distributed Energy High-Quality Development Forum in 2022, and won the award of "2022 China Rooftop Energy Accessory Influential Brands (Racks)" by virtue of its excellent products and reputation.

The "2022 China Rooftop Energy Accessory Influential Brand (Rack)" award is one of the most influential brand awards in the photovoltaic industry initiated by the authoritative media of the energy industry, the Century Energy Network, marking the comprehensive strength of Xingsheng's products, technology, services, and brand development and influence is not only recognised in the market, but also affirmed in the industry, and stepped forward to become a benchmark in the industry.

In the first half of 2022, the total domestic centralised and distributed PV installed capacity was 32.63GW, of which the total distributed PV mounting capacity was 20GW. Guoqiang Xingsheng has installed a total of 3.2GW of household PV mounting with innovative product application, mature installation technology and experience, accounting for about 16% of the total installed capacity. At present, Guoqiang Xingsheng has gradually formed a complete PV mounting industry chain of high-end raw material manufacturing, PV mounting processing, hot-dip galvanising processing, etc. The company now has three major manufacturing bases in Liyang, Jiangsu, Tangshan, Hebei, and Xinyang, Henan, with a peak annual production capacity of 32GW, and a cumulative delivery of more than 60GW. More than 10 countries and regions. We have formed a complete system in household PV and applied it in various rooftop scenarios.

Taking this award as an opportunity, Guoqiang Xingsheng will continue to improve the quality of products and service level, and establish a more extensive and stable strategic partnership with domestic and foreign customers, in return for their trust and love. And continue to develop clean energy, to achieve win-win economic and social benefits.