Jiangsu Guoqiang Party Committee won the second place in the challenge of "Learning Master" in Liyang Economic Development Zone

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Recently, Jiangsu Guoqiang Party Committee took part in the final of the mass thematic education activity and "Learning Master" challenge in Liyang Economic Development Zone, and stood out from many other party organisations and won the second place.

The challenge is divided into three stages of selection, the main round and the final, the topic involves party history, current affairs, local economic development and other fields, the party committee carefully selected Zhu Aiguo, Xia Xinhua, Wang Yinchang, three party members of the "Jingye Strong Country" team to participate in the competition. After the fierce competition in the links of "mandatory answer", "robbing answer", "risk reversal", "wheel battle" and so on, the representative team The team responded calmly and cooperated with each other well, and by virtue of their excellent knowledge reserve and good psychological quality, they passed through all the way, and successfully advanced from 8 to 4 and 4 to 2 to the championship final, and finally achieved the excellent results of the first runner-up.


Guoqiang galvanised party member Zhu Aiguo won the title of "Top Ten Pioneer of Learning and Strengthening" with a high score of 60,791 personal learning points, which fully demonstrated the spirit of Guoqiang's people who are determined to make progress and strive to be the first.


"The revival of a strong country has me, learning is always new", has always been, Jiangsu Guoqiang party committee attaches great importance to the use and promotion of the "Learning Strong" platform, the daily learning as an important hand to strengthen the party members' political and theoretical learning and the assessment objectives of the branch party building. The "Learning Master" Challenge, let us revisit the party's 100 years of history, in the study and practice of understanding in the firm ideals and beliefs, in the vigorous and energetic in the practice of the initial mission, will further stimulate the enthusiasm of the majority of party members and workers to learn, to learn and promote the work of learning, to take practical action to meet the party's twentieth anniversary of the triumph of the convening of the party.