Guoqiang Xingsheng at the 2022 International Conference on Standardisation (Kirin)

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From August 25th to 26th, 2022, the 5th China International Photovoltaic Industry Summit Forum was held in Chengdu Tongwei International Centre. With the theme of "Anchoring Dual-Carbon Goal and Empowering Green Future", government leaders from the central, provincial and municipal levels, authoritative experts and scholars, leaders of leading enterprises and corporate elites gathered together to discuss, exchange and collide ideas to help achieve the "dual-carbon" goal as soon as possible and contribute to the early realisation of the "dual-carbon" goal, as well as to the early realisation of the "dual-carbon" goal and contribute to the early realisation of the "dual-carbon" goal. The meeting will focus on hot issues such as responding to global climate change, upgrading energy structure, sound development of photovoltaic industry, building new power system, etc. The meeting will have in-depth discussions and exchanges, and will help achieve the goal of "double carbon" as soon as possible and contribute China's power to global climate governance. Zhang Xuhua, Marketing Director of Jiangsu Guoqiang, and his team were invited to attend the meeting.

This year's forum gathered authorities from the government, industry, academia and research sectors of the photovoltaic industry, presenting the characteristics of "high level, large scale, wide influence and strong line-up". During the forum, wonderful roundtable dialogues and leadership dialogues were held, in which leading guests collided with each other to actively make suggestions, seek a new future for the industry, and promote the rapid achievement of China's carbon neutrality goal.

During the forum, Jiangsu Guoqiang Xingsheng and the leading enterprises in the domestic energy industry, through the multimedia exhibition hall, model equipment physical display and other forms, to convey the theme of "dual-carbon leadership, China's photovoltaic empowered by the green future". The products displayed by Guoqiang Xingsheng in this exhibition include flexible bracket, tracking bracket, fixed adjustable bracket, fixed bracket, distributed bracket and so on. It also released a new type of double-cable cross-string support flexible bracket technology, which adopts the upper and lower double-layer parallel arrangement structure, and the two layers are load-bearing with φ12.7mm strand of smaller diameter, which has a strong load-bearing capacity, low pre-stress of a single cable, more convenient node design, and greater angular adaptability. At the same time, the system as a whole adopts a truss-type triangular support structure, with a larger span and better structural stability. The site was highly praised by industry stakeholders and participants, which vividly illustrated the company's scientific research efforts behind the leading technology.

The forum also released the "2022 China PV Top 100 Brand Value List", and Guoqiang Xingsheng ranked 67th with a brand value of 14.174 billion yuan.

Guoqiang Xingsheng as a leading enterprise in the bracket, in the process of continuous development, Guoqiang Xingsheng has always adhered to the mission of "bringing green energy to life", and in the future will continue to "green, sustainable" concept, for the development of the industry and the progress of society to contribute to the power of Guoqiang Xingsheng.